THE TOWER OF ECLYPSEOnce a guard tower in Wolf Gates Mighty walls, The Tower of Eclypse is now home to a Sorcorer and Mystic by the name of Serganiss. Within his study are the spell books and arcane texts of civilisations lost and new. He will say to visitors in his wizened tones "Come up and see me some time when I've nothing on but a cloak of invisability".

THE THRONE ROOM Within this room the Lords Ironwolfe, Dwarfen Hero and MoonShadow, Master of the Night rule their secret realm in the highest valleys of the crystal mists. Their herald Balthor will teach the would be lordling the rules of political warfare and conquest aswell as the art of Heraldry. In an alcove behind the twin thrones are the windows of scrying where, if you know their secret, one may observe the remotest domains of Greyhawk and beyond!

THE FOREST REALM The valley of Mist River is home to Finda Menkano "the white haired Commander" who rules this small elfin kingdom ( which exists when the Elfs are not being hunted for sport by Misters Ironwolfe and Moonshadow ).

OUR DUNGEON This is the deepest and dankest part of our Castle and where we keep those who displeasure us ( or have pointy ears! ). Take a tour and we apoligise in advance for the smells.

SEA LORE The Sea is a source great adventure for players but under used. How do you run a sea campaign or adventures? Well this may help. Shiver me Jib!

WOLFGATE TEMPLE Within the walls of Wolfgate temple theologians and clerics expore the meaning of the gods, where they come from and how devine power is used. Plus the god Phlatulas has his otherworld prota on this page!

THE WAR ROOM Everything you need to know about winning friend, influenceing them and then drafting into your army to be slaughtered. Rules for realistic campaign warfare and new waepon use rules.