Patrick Pearse was a major influence in Rosmuc. He dedicated a lot of his time to the people who wanted to learn the Irish language. He sacrificed his life for the people, culture and language of Ireland but especially for Rosmuc.

He was brought up in Ireland's capital city, Dublin. His father was from Devonshire in England and his mother was from county Meath. He did not speak Irish as a young boy. When he was alive he told us that he had learned the Irish from his parents. In the years 1903 to 1908 he opened a school in Dublin called St. Endas and he spent from the year 1908 to 1916 with that school and politics at the same time.

He travelled to Belgium to study how people coped with being betingual. He used the information he got in Running St. Endas.

He lived for some time in a cottage in Rosmuc. Here he wrote many stories about the people of Rosmuc. Some were sad and some were happy. Among these stories were "Eoinín an nEan" and "Brid na nAmhraí".

In 1916 he was executed for his part in the Easter Rising as well as James Connolly and other great men.

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