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There is but ONE True Medicine

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January 10, 2007

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There is but ONE True Medicine

It matters not if medicine is old or new

so long as it can cure.

It matters not if theories come from East or West

so long as they be true.

Jen-Hsou Lin, Taipei


There is but ONE true Medicine,
the Medicine that heals the wounds,
of cosmos, spirit, psyche, soma, earth & time.
Man & creatures merely come & go
in circles, spirals & in time,
& medicine dreamed by mortal minds
can never foil the longterm dream of God.

Anonymous, after Guinness

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Acupuncture Crash-Course for Professionals Human & Animal Acupuncture Lectures, Papers, Bibliographies & Reviews: An Online AP Study Course for Novices & Experts by Phil Rogers
Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture: International Links See this for Extensive Links to best international sites for acupuncture & TCM. See also Vilberto Voli's Page (AP Links Megasite) TCM Index [Qi Journal]
Search Options to find data on Acupuncture, TCM, or Holistic topics See IVAD Search Options Page. This allows searching of International Acupuncture & TCM Pages, Medical Acupuncture Web Pages, BMAS & other sites, as well as conventional & general searches. See also: Search for LLLT data
Acubriefs Online Bibliography of Acupuncture A central resource to review new citations on AP & annotated abstracts on citations of particular interest to AP clinicians & researchers. Free access to quoted/reviewed citations (11000+ references).
Acupuncture & Holistic Material Bibliographies, Lectures, Papers & Reviews on AP / Holistic Medicine: Links to Online Texts by Phil Rogers. See examples: AP Bibliography | AP Lectures | Complete LIst of Holistic Material
AP / TCM Journals / their Search Engines  BMAS Online Journal Search Engine | Web Journal of Acupuncture | Chinese Medicine Times Search | Acupuncture Today | European Journal of Oriental Medicine | Journal of Chinese Medicine (Peter Deadman), Qi Journal - Traditional Eastern Health & Fitness | Qi Journal Search Engine | Traditional Chinese Medicine Journals
Acupoint Formulas: Top Ten Points for Common Conditions Comprehensive Acupoint "Cookbook" by Phil Rogers, from a database of >55 textbooks & hundreds of clinical articles
Acupuncture - How Does It Work? Good overview of AP by George Lewith
Anthony Campbell's Homepage Useful material on Acupuncture, Homeopathy & alternative medicine, plus Anthony Campbell's Book Reviews.
Acupuncture Pages (QiChina) (Godfrey Bartlett)
Acupuncture Textbooks - Online Reviews Great book reviews (AP & TCM) by Peter Deadman
Acupuncture Therapy - Principles Good basic study material by George Lewith [See SELECTED ARTICLES, below] (WebMaster)
Chinese Medicine Sampler Table of Contents | Diagnostic Questionnaire | Questions | Comments | AP Treatment of Children with Cerebral Palsy AP Diagnostic andTreatment Manual | Diagnostic Process_Use of Forms   | Assessment Forms   | Caretaker's Short  Report & Comments   | Diagnostic Tally Form | Summary Diagnostic Statement | TCM Pathologies Applicable to CP | TCM Signs & Symptoms Key | Treatment Protocols | Record of Treatment (Joseph Balensi)
Computer-Assisted Instruction System for Acupuncture Medicine  [Jiangsu Education Commission & Nanjing Univ of TCM, PRC; VERY SLOW TO LOAD!] Brief History of Chinese acupuncture & moxibustion | Channels (Meridians) & Collaterals | Qi, Blood & Body Fluid | Yin-Yang & 5 Phases | Zang Fu Organs | (WebMaster)
Dog Acupoint Charts / Descriptions Summary of IVAS Canine Notes by Janne Potter
Dog Ear-Acupuncture Chart Useful Canine Ear Chart by Uwe Petermann
Giovanni Maciocia's Articles Giovanni Maciocia
Glem Site (Ear-Acupuncture, France) André Lentz
Horse Acupoint charts / descriptions Summary of IVAS Equine Notes by Janne Potter
Horse Ear-Acupuncture Chart Useful Equine Ear Chart by Uwe Petermann
Human Acupoint Names, Translations & Locations Details for >670 acupoints by Phil Rogers
Human Acupoint charts International Academy of Medical AP. See also Acupuncture model & Point Details [Qi Journal]
Human Acupoint locations & discussion Channel Point & Extra Point Location: Discussion by Peter Deadman
Human Acupuncture Charts Black & white AP charts by Carole & Cameron Rogers, teaching faculty, University of Technology Sydney
Human Acupuncture Manual - Extras (Free) See also Manual of Acupuncture Indications Index (Peter Deadman)
Human Auriculotherapy / Ear-AP (About | Origin | Effectiveness | Research)
Human ECIWO Manual & Other Files Yingqing Zhang (Shandong University, China): Manual & Charts on Human ECIWO (Embryo Containing Information on Whole Organism) - a microsystem of acupoints for main body parts, with head at centre of thumb side of distal head & foot at centre of thumb side of proximal head of metacarpal bone 2.
Low Level Laser Therapy - LLLT Internet Guide Low Level Laser Therapy - LLLT Internet Guide
Medical AP Web Page & Veterinary AP Web Page Charisios Karanikiotes
Miscellaneous Study Sites (See below) See below
TCM Information System (Taiwan)  Abstracts of Annual Reports 1992-1997 | Abstracts of Chinese Medicine Research Projects | TCM Information System Search Engine |  (WebMaster)
ACUXO BEST AP Study Site that I have seen for a long time. Bookmark it beside TCM Student pages, which are excellent also.  It has interactive graphic-& text- description of Acupoints& Channels: Acupoint Location & Uses (LU | LI | ST | SP | HT | SI | BL | KI | PC | TH | GB | LV | CV | GV) | Channels (LU | LI | ST | SP | HT | SI | BL | KI | PC | TH | GB | LV | CV | GV). It has a POWERFUL CLINICAL TOOL: Point Selections for Clinical Conditions : Circulation | Digestion | Emotions | Fever/Chills | Hearing | Infection | Mind | Musculoskeletal | Neuromuscular | OBGYN | Pain | Perspiration | Respiration | Skin | Sleep | Stools | TCM | Thirst | Urination | Urogenital | Vision | Voice. Its LIBRARY, which is growing, has 74 different point selections for: Bi Syndrome | Cold/Flu | Constipation | Cough | Eczema | Edema | Epistaxis | Frozen Shoulder | Headache | Impotence | Insomnia | Lin Syndrome | Poor Memory | Pulmonary TB | Seminal Emission | Sinus Problem | Sore Throat | Toothache | Urine Retention | Vomiting | Yu Syndrome. Its MATRIX [Pattern] Page [in development] will allow interactive selection of a sophisticated COMBINATION of signs/symptoms: Abdomen | Back | Circulation | Complexion | Digestion | Dizziness | Emotions | Energy | Fever | Fever/Chills | Headache | Hearing | Hot/Cold | Memory | Menses | Musculoskeletal | Neuromuscular | Perspiration | Pulse | Respiration | Skin | Sleep | Stools | Thirst | Thorax | Tongue | Urine | Urogenital | Vision | Voice. It will (?) then return the best point selection for that Pattern. This will be a UNIQUE resource in Web-based AP.
TCM Student Acupuncture / TCM Resources for Students - GREAT site, still in construction - Study Tools | Acupoint Location& Uses (LU | LI | ST | SP | HT | SI | BL | KI | PC | TH | GB | LV | CV | GV) Acupoint Indication& Uses: LU | LI | ST | SP | HT | SI | BL | KI | PC | TH | GB | LV | CV | GV; Extraordinary Vessel Patterns | Command Point Chart | Yin-Yang Theory | Yin-Yang Four Properties | Yin-Yang Applications | 5 Phase Theory (in construction).
"Webmaster" <>
Useful AP Data on 12 Main Qi Channels | 8 Extraordinary Qi Vessels: Dumai (GV) | Renmai (CV) | Chongmai (Thoroughfare, Thrusting, or Penetrating Vessel) | Daimai (Belt or Girdle Vessel) | Yangqiaomai (Yang Heel Vessel) | Yinqiaomai (Yin Heel Vessel) | Yangweimai (Yang Linking Vessel) | Yinweimai (Yin Linking Vessel) | Ear Acupuncture Point Charts (Human)
Useful AP Data on Wyith Healthcare TCM Basics [TCM from the Scientific Perspective]: Introduction to TCM | Basics of TCM [Yin-Yang Theory | 5 Phase Theory | Qi/Energy, Xue/Blood & Body Fluid | Eight Principles | Six Levels / Channels (incl Four Stages, Wei, Qi, Ying-Xue, and TH)] | Zang-Fu Organs | Zang-Fu Theories [5 Zang Organs [HT, | LU | SP | LV | KI] & 6 Fu Organs [ LI, ST, SI, BL, TH, GB]] | Theories of Channels (Meridians) and Collaterals [12 Regular Channels | Pathways, Conjunctures, Exterior-Interior Relationships and Order of Qi Flow in Channels | 8 Extra Channels | 15 Collaterals | 12 Divergent Channels | 12 Musculotendinous Regions of Regular Channels | 12 Cutaneous Regions of Regular Channels] | TCM Diagnosis [Etiology | Inspection | Auscultation and Olfaction | Differentiation of Syndromes
Uwe Petermann's Acupuncture Site (Germany) Uwe Petermann
Veterinary Acupuncture & related EVENTS Calendars Vet AP / TCM EVENTS & COURSES on Vet AP Page, on KomVet & on IVAS Events & on AVAC Pages
Veterinary Acupuncture Notes Summary of IVAS Notes by Janne Potter
Veterinary Laser-Acupuncture Page Laser-AP in Practice by Uwe Petermann
Veterinary Links - General Databases, Engines & Links Options on Animal & Human Health, Welfare, Science, Medicine & Veterinary Medicine have extensive Links to most aspects of veterinary medicine (Phil Rogers)

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General Study Material History of AP | AP & Herbs for Asthma | Acne | AP Anaesthesia | AP Detoxification (NADA) | Auriculotherapy, with Point Charts for Addictive Behaviours & Drug Detoxification | Bell's Palsy | Blood Disorders | Cancer | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Moxibustion) | Carpal Tunnel Syndrome | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis | Diabetes, Biomedical & TCM Perspectives & Treatments | Drug addiction therapy: a template for successful programs worldwide | Eye Diseases Part 1 | Eye Diseases Part 2 | Meniere's Disease | Obstetrics | Smoking Cessation | Stubborn Paediatric Disorders (Moxibustion) | Treatment of Neurodegenerative Disorders | Treatment of Vaginal Yeast Infection with TCM | Ulcerative Colitis | Vocal Cord Tumours
Theory of Acupoint Selection Therapeutic Explanations: Selection of acupoints [ Local Points | Distal Points | Symptomatic Points | Specific Point Usage: 5 Transporting points | Back-Shu | Front-Mu | Yuan-Source | Luo-Connecting | 8 Confluent Points of Extra Channels | Xi-Cleft | Lower He-Sea | Crossing Points] | Points Based on Western Theory | Combining Points: Torso Front + Back | Yang + Yin Channels | Left + Right | Above + Below | Local + Distal | Points for Common Symptoms | Four Needle Treatments | Local + Distal points
Clinical Point Selections Index | Headache | Eye, Conjunctivitis | Eye, Myopia | Rhinitis (allergic) | Toothache | Pharyngitis, Sore Throat | Tinnitus / Deafness | Neurosis | Schizophrenia | Amenorrhoea | Pre-menstrual syndrome | Dysmenorrhoea | Ben Lou (flooding or spotting) | Pain, Bi Syndromes | Neck pain, Spasm, Torticollis | Neck Spondylosis, Cervical Spondylopathy | Shoulder Periarthritis | Lumbago, Low Back Pain (chronic) | Lumbago, Lumbar muscle Sprain (acute) | Sciatica | Weight Issues: Body Image & Eating Disorders in Women
Specific Points in Channel Therapy Back-Shu & Front Mu Points | Yuan-Source Points | Luo-Connecting Points | Xi-Cleft Points | 8 Influential Points
Practitioner Data SP Upbearing & ST Downbearing | Root, Branch & Smell of AIDS | 12 Main Channels, their Functions & Acupoint Charts | 8 Extraordinary Channels, their Functions & Acupoint Charts | Forms of Qi in AP | Zang-Fu Differentiations, organised by Symptoms

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