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There is but ONE True Medicine

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April 20, 2002

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There is but ONE True Medicine

It matters not if medicine is old or new

so long as it can cure.

It matters not if theories come from East or West

so long as they be true.

Jen-Hsou Lin, Taipei


There is but ONE true Medicine,
the Medicine that heals the wounds,
of cosmos, spirit, psyche, soma, earth & time.
Man & creatures merely come & go
in circles, spirals & in time,
& medicine dreamed by mortal minds
can never foil the longterm dream of God.

Anonymous, after Guinness

Herbal Medicine Databases: Data on Single Herbs
See also: Data on Herbal Formulas | Databases for Complementary Medicine

Search Chinese Materia Medica Great data online on Single Herbs from, but  this database no Formulas
Search Materia Medica for herb by Chinese Name or by Botanical / Latin Name, or by Common Name Mainly TCM Herb Databases of RMHI & Crane Herbs
Search Chinese Materia Medica for Herb by Common Name DoctorsHealthSupply
Search Materia Medica for herb by Common Name ?? Mainly Western Herb Database (Health World): Search Engine allows entry of the herb or ingredient, or of the condition to be treated
Find TCM Herbs  Crane Herb Products (single herbs & formulas) from Sun Ten Inc. Taiwan
Find TCM Herbs for common symptoms & contraindications Search Crane Herb Company for common symptoms (by Western, Chinese, Pulse or Tongue diagnosis) 
Search Chinese Materia Medica (Single Herb Database) by Botanical / Latin Name, Common Name, or Symptoms  GreaterChinaHerbs [GREAT data & references, easy navigation, but somewhat slow to download]
Chinese Materia Medica (Single Herb Database) Search Engine, or Browse Single Herbs by Pinyin Name [A-C | D-H | J-M | N-S | T-Z], or by Latin Name [A-E | F-G | H-O | P-RE | RH-Z], or by Common Name [A-CL | CO-F | G-L | M-P | Q-Z], or by Clinical Condition NewCenturyNutrition Herb Library [GREAT]

Browse Single Herbs by Pinyin Name [A-BC-DE-F-G | H | J | K-L | M-N | O-P-Q | R-S | T-W | X | Y | Z]

Healthland Supplies - China Ginseng [GREAT]
Browse Chinese Materia Medica (single Herbs by Latin Name)  Wyith Healthcare [excellent data] | Classification of Antineoplastic Herbal Medicines | Immune System from TCM Perspective
Browse Materia Medica (single Chinese & Western Medicinal Herbs by Common Name) | Search Engine   E Gregore [GREAT]
Find Chinese Herbs by English name or by Pharmacological name ( [GOOD BUT INCOMPLETE LIST]
A Modern Herbal Western Herbs by Mrs. M. Grieve (
Botanical Dictionary (HerbNet): English-Latin (A-H | I-P | Q-Z) Mainly Western Herbs
SEARCH AIED American Indian Ethnobotany Database : Search Engine allows entry of the herb or ingredient, or the symptom
Search MPNADB for Native American Herbs | Search MPNADB for Native American Herbs by Clinical uses A to W [Abortifacient to Witchcraft medicine ] Medicinal Plants of Native America Database by Stephen M. Beckstrom - Sternberg,, Daniel E. Moerman & James A. Duke  [GREAT]
Phytochemical & Ethnobotanical Databases USDA-ARS & Dr. Duke's Databases
SEARCH Botanical Medicine Herbal Medicine
IHerb Search at IHerb Planetary Formulas Good data on Chinese Formulas by Michael Tierra & colleagues
InfoMed Herb Search Excellent (very detailed) Cuban Herbal Database, but Spanish
CMMRC Chinese Medicinal Material Research Centre, Hong Kong Search Mainly Native American Herbs
Research a single herb Links to research the name, ethnobotany, folk use, clinical use, constituents, or scientific research into an herb
RMHI Herbal Database - 220 Herbs TCM Herbs - Very good. Must register - but FREE
Search for Herb by Latin (Botanical) Name,  or by Common Name, or search for herbs / western drugs to treat specific CONDITIONS Healthwell - GREAT data on western drugs and western herbs.
Health World Herbal Mainly Western Herbs
HerbWeb Resources: Global Botanical Exchange Excellent data on single (Western) herbs, sorted by Action | Ailments | Body Area | Common Name | Content | Family | Indigenous Use | Latin Name | Range | Use
HerbMed AltMed Foundation, USA

Herbal Medicine Databases: Data on Herbal Formulas

See also:
Data on Single Herbs | Databases for Complementary Medicine

TCM Formulas for specific Symptoms IAMA - International Academy of Medical AP
TCM Formulas for specific Symptoms  GreaterChinaHerbs [GREAT data & references from China; easy navigation, but somewhat slow to download]
TCM Formula Search Engine - Chinese Materia Medica Database. Browse TCM Formulas by Pinyin Name [A-F | G-M | Q-Y], or by Symptoms NewCenturyNutrition Herb Library [GREAT]
Sunten Formulas [Site in Development. Watch this space!]  SunTen Pharmaceuticals - Chinese Herbal Formulas - Very large manufacturer in Taichung, Taiwan. 
Find TCM Formulas  Crane Herb Formulas from Sun Ten Inc. Taiwan 
Find TCM Formulas for common symptoms & contraindications Search Crane Herb Company for common symptoms (by Western, Chinese, Pulse or Tongue diagnosis) 
Browse Chinese Formulas by Common Name A-G | H-P | Q-Z DoctorsHealthSupply 
Browse Ayurvedic Formulas | Chinese Formulas | Herbal Medicine Formulas | Native American Formulas E Gregore [GREAT]
Chinese Combinations  
300 TCM formulas (Mandarin Herbs) Very good. Mainly TCM Herb Database
Spanda database (Glossary | Herbal Formulas | Symptoms | Articles) Very good TCM data but limited range of formulas
TradiMed [Awesome! But registration fee required]  Some of the others are great, but this Korean site (in English) is the best referenced / hyperlinked & most detailed Oriental Herbal Med Site [in English] on WWW.  .
Library of Cathay Herbal Laboratories for TCM [Search the Library - Not available yet - in Construction]
TCM Student Herb Pharmacy (under construction) TCM Student is a GREAT Study Site
Chinese Herbal Formulas / Pescriptions [in Development ??] Wyith Healthcare
TCMLARS ?? TCM Literature Analysis & Retrieval System, China. Commercial database [Needs Password]
Find TCM Formulas for specific Symptoms ?? [ in Development ??], Taiwan - TCM formulas, hyperlinked to data on single herbs

Drug-Drug & Drug-Herb Interactions

Drug Checker

Drug-Drug & Drug-Herb Interactions

Drug-Drug Interaction


Harvard Med School

Drug-Herb Interaction

Example: Echinacea & Prednisone

Harvard Med School

Drug-Herb Interactions

Herbal Medicinals: Selected Clinical Considerations Focusing on Known or Potential Drug-Herb Interactions

Wellness Web

Herb Safety
and Related Concerns

Online Articles


Herb-Drug Interaction



Herb-Drug Interaction

Book only

Must purchase

Herb-Drug Interaction

Recognition & Prevention by John Chen PhD, PharmD, OMD, LAc

Herb-Drug Interactions


Ohio State University

Herb-Drug Interactions

Follow the link from a HERB selected by Latin Name, or select a WESTERN DRUG from the Drug Index  or see a full list of interactions

Healthwell [GREAT]

Herb-Drug Interactions


Adriane Fugh-Berman MD

Herb-Drug Interactions



Herb-Drug Interactions



Herbs & Supplements
incl Herb-Drug Interactions

Follow the link from selected herb or supplement

The Natural Pharmacist

RxList Advanced Search Search for drug names, keywords, imprint codes & medical terminology from a single page. Also see RxList & its Top 200 Drugs of 2000 - the most prescribed products with links to professional monographs.

RxList - The Internet Drug Index

Interaction Report

Toxicology of Herbs
- Single Substances


Herbs for Health

Herbal Medicine Associations, Groups, Schools, Societies


Alternative, Complementary & Holistic Veterinary Medicine

Institute for the Advancement of Chinese Medicine

Baptist University, Hong Kong
IVAS Herbal Medicine Training Course Professional training in TCM / herbal medicine for experienced veterinary acupuncturists. Contact <> for details.
RMHI Chinese Herbal Institute Professional TCM / herbal education & research

TCM Research Centre

Hong Kong

VBMA - Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association

New group, founded by Susan Wynn DVM. 

Herbal Medicine E-mail Discussion Lists

Herbal Hall - Professional Herbalists Discussion List Mainly western herbs
Herbal Medicine Mailing Lists  Herbal Medicine

VBMA - Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association

Closed (professional) List / study group but experienced non-veterinary herbalists are welcome. To join, see homepage (over), or email <>

Online Herbal Medicine Study Material, Journal & Distance Learning
TOP Site still under construction. Watch this space!  GREAT Data from China on TCM Organ Functions. Also Health Analyser for Internal & External Medicine, including skin, male problems, digestive system, endocrine system, head, heart & blood circulation, skeleton, respiratory system & much more. See also Diseases by Classification [Internal medicine, External medicine, ENT (Ear, Nose& Throat), Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Paediatrics, Andriatrics]. A dIfferential TCM Diagnosis is given for each condition.
Herbal Medicine Articles on A primer on AP & herbology | A Chinese look at Western Pharmaceuticals | Aristolochic Acid, Chinese Medicine, American Food & Drug Administration | Ba Dou (Sm. Croton Tiglii) & its psycho-spiritual applications | Clinical Treatment of Respiratory Disorders | Differential Treatment of Frequent Urination in Elderly Patients | Formula Choices for Menopausal Syndrome | Heart Disease & Chinese Herbal Medicine | How to alter herbal dosages by age or weight | Male Infertility & Discussion of Spermophlebectasia, or Varicosity of Spermatic Cord Vein | Menopause, Hormones & Chinese Medicine | Non-Surgical Therapy For Prolapse of Lumbar Intervertebral Disc | Recognition & Prevention of Herb-Drug Interaction | The Error of Our Ways: What Mismanaged Cases Teach Us About the Practice of Chinese Medicine | The Toxic Effects of Chinese Herbs, & solutions | Treatment of Asthma | Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
Articles from Cathay Herbal Laboratories for TCM Useful articles on Herbal Medicine
Botanical Medicine Information Resources Herbal Medicine
Online Journals  Herbal Medicine Journals Online
Planet Herbs (Michael Tierra) Useful study material
RMHI Registration Free Registration to access RHMI Herbal Database - 220 Herbs
RxList Monographs Monographs on Chinese Herbal Medicines
Safety and potential problems with Chinese Herbal Medicine Report of a Commission on the status of TCM in Victoria, Australia
Spanda Chinese Herbal Medicine Articles Fu Zheng Therapy: Building Strength | Chinese Modular Solutions | Repertoire of Chinese Modular Solutions | Formulary Favorites
TCM Org UK TCM Theory, Herbs & AP Charts
Kampo Today Japanese traditional herbal medicine magazine; some useful data
Meta-Analysis to assess the efficacy of phytotherapy: A short Bibliography Evidence-based medicine confirms the therapeutic effects of herbal medicine

Herbal Supply Companies (Commercial)

NewCenturyNutrition  New Century Nutrition (Taiwan) - Herb Store & Library - GREAT range of single herbs & formulas.
Crane Herb GREAT range of herbs
BioHerb Seoul, Korea
Herbal Remedies for Animals UK-based Herbal Supplies for Animals
Healthland China Ginseng
Kamwo Good range of single Herbs
Qualiherb [Taiwan] Search Page [in development]
KPC Herb Kaiser Pharmaceutical Co., Tainan, Taiwan: Good range of single TCM Herbs & Formulas but no professional details are online.
Mandarin Herbs  
PlanetHerbs Michael Tierra's Pages
Spanda Good range of Chinese Herbal Medicines

Tsumura Corporation

Largest producer of Japanese herbal medicines; markets 129 POM Kampo Formulas + 42 OTC Formulas; Product Data in development

Other Herbal Medicine Links

Barefoot Doctors: AP & Natural Med Resource Barefoot Doctors' Formulas (some Chinese Formulas)
Herbal Medicine Links Columbia University
Herbal Resources E Gregore [GREAT]


  Chinese Materia Medica Online Database at  

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Pathogenic Factor (cold, damp, wind, heat, dryness, trauma, etc.), or
Herb Function (tonif, promot, move, calm, nourish, etc.), or
Herb Pinyin Name (zhigan, huangq, cao, etc.), or
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