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Uilleann pipemaker.

Catalog 2003
All prices are in Euros.
All new sets are fully reeded.
All keys on all sets (chanters and regulators) are hand forged and fitted.
Flat Pitch Pipes available on request, ask for details.
Restoration work on ancient sets and customised orders taken.


The practice set - €950.00
is the foundation of a set of Uilleann pipes and comprises of a chanter (the melody pipe), a bag (the air resevoir) and a bellows (the air supplier).

The chanter is made from either ebony of African blackwood, with decorations in either boxwood or imiataion ivory, with metal ferrules in brass, and is fitted with a key for C natural in the second octave. The standard top piece is made from brass.
The bag is hand sewn from lined leather and is fitted with a velvet cover.
The bellows is made from lined leather and stained mahogany, cherry or oak, and is fitted with an arm pad. The leather is nailed and studded to the wood.

All parts of the practice set are full size and can be upgraded to the half set, the compact half set, the three quarter set or the full set at a later stage.

The standard half set - €2250.00
is a practice set with a main drone stock with three drones - tenor, baritone and bass.

The main drone stock is made from various woods, usually rosewood, ebony or African blackwood, and is fitted with a drone stop lever.
The drones are made from the same materials as the chanter.

The three quarter set - €3550.00
is a half set with two regulators which are keyed melody pipes to play chordal and rhythmical accompaniment - tenor and baritone.

The regulators are made from the same materials as the chanter and are fitted with tuning pins. The tenor has five keys (f#, g, a, b and c natural) and the baritone has four (d, f#, g and a).

The full set - €4750.00
of Uilleann pipes consists of the chanter with the C and F natural keys, a wooden chanter top piece, three drones and three regulators, the third being the bass regulator. The set comes complete in a case.

The bass regulator is attached to the side of the main drone stock and has four keys (g, a, b and c natural).

Extras : Bass Regulator with turned back seperator tube : €200.00 extra.

Extended Bass Regulator with 3 additional keys below the G which are F#, E and D. With 2 Tuning pins : €1000.00 extra

Both these items can be added to the C & B natural pitched sets.

The compact half set - €2250.00
is a half set with an additional fourth drone which plays G or A (changed by the means of a tuning bead) between the tenor and baritone, and is based on pre-regulator sets. On this set, the bass drone is straight like the baritone drone and makes the set shorter than the standard half set. The bellows of this set is an 18th century style bellows (leather is stitched onto the wood.)
This set can not be fitted with regulators.

Itemised list:
1 - Additional keys to chanter - €70.00
2 - Chanter fitted with C natural key, standard top piece and reed - €675.00
3 - Wooden chanter top piece - €75.00
4 - Brass chanter top piece with stop key - €140.00
5 - Wooden chanter top piece with stop key - €190.00
6 - Set of drones to fit to an existing practice set - €1250.00/set of 4 drones - €1350.00
7 - Set of 3 regulators to fit to an exisiting half set - £2500.00/ 2 regs (tenor & baritone) - €1300.00


Pitched in C natural:
African blackwood, ebony or rosewood.
Chanter €700.00
Half set €2400.00
Full set €4600.00

Pitched in B natural:
Boxwood, ebony or rosewood.
Chanter €800.00
Half set €2600.00
Full set €5000.00

Spares and accessories:
1 - Hand stitched leather bag - €125.00
2 - Standard bellows, leather tacked/studded onto wood with leather arm pad - €150.00
3 - 18th century style bellows, leather stitched into wood - €225.00
4 - Chanter reed - €50.00
5 - Set of drone reeds - €40.00
6 - Set of regulator reeds - €100.00
7 - Tutor book with CD by H. J. Clarke (The New Approach to Uilleann Piping) - €20.00
8 - Tutor book by Seamus Ennis (The Master's Touch) - €25.00
9 - Tutor videos by Na Píobairí Uilleann:
Beginner volume - €25.00;
Intermediate volume - €25.00 and
Higher intermediate/advanced volume (including CD) - €40.00
10 - Glassfibre case - €100.00

Additional materials and finishes:
Woods available for pipes/decoration: satine bloodwood, boxwood, rosewoods and imitation ivory.
Metals available for ferrules/keywork: brass, laquered brass, nickel silver and silver.

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