"Catch and Release "

The Shark Angling Club of Ireland was  formed at an inaugural meeting on the 27th January 1998. Shark fishing is Ireland's big game angling and for those of us 'hooked' on it, nothing else can compare for excitement and satisfaction.

Aims of the Club
The Shark Angling Club of Ireland has been set up with two primary aims:
1. To promote shark angling as a  sport  and to act as an information exchange providing  information in the form of booklets,  fact sheets and a monthly Newsletter. Shark    fishing safari's are publicised and overseas shark fishing trips organised.

2. The second aim of the Club is to actively        campaign in the area of shark conservation  by insisting on a "catch & release policy" in all Club  competitions and charters. The Club will also support charter operators who are           involved in the Central Fisheries Board's  Tag and Release  programme of research and conservation

The Club has initiated  liaison and established a working relationship with the Irish          Elasmobranch Group who are scientists      engaged in shark research and  based at   Trinity College in Dublin. The Club is also    affiliated to the International Game Fish      Association and is  currently establishing links with shark angling clubs throughout the world. The Club also liase with the Central Fisheries Board and acknowledge their advice and co operation

          Mr  Peter Cody

Vice Chairman
          Mr Brendan Donnelly

Hon. Secretary
           Mr Paul Lynam

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