International Shark Fishing Tournament

The venue for the first International      Competition to be organised by the Shark Angling Club of Ireland has been set for the Downings in Donegal for the 11th and 12th of September 1999.
This is a conservation competition with all fish being measured and returned alive to the sea.
We are anxious to attract as many visiting anglers as possible to this event in order to promote shark angling in Ireland .
Further updates will be available by watching this page  and hopefully through angling magazines etc.
If you are interested and require further details  please  e - mail us  or write to us at   P.O. Box 6026, Dublin, 13.

It is the stated aim of the Club not only to abide by a "catch & release " policy but also to actively campaign to prevent the         unnecessary killing of sharks. Negative  protests and slogans are unlikely to achieve much so we have taken a positive approach by rewarding those clubs that abide by good conservation policies.

Irish National Shark Fishing Tournament
The committee have decided to hold a shark fishing competition open to all Irish anglers with Clifden as its venue. This competition is scheduled for mid August 1999. As with all Club competitions  the emphasis is with participation rather than winning but a trophy and prizes are available to the 

Conservation Policy
You will be aware that the Club actively promotes the Catch and Release Scheme and these competitions are fished  in an effort to drive home the necessity for  releasing the sharks back into the sea

Further proposed initiatives
It is further proposed that the Club sponsor a "Green Prize" trophy as an incentive to  local angling clubs who organise 'Shark   Safari's each year. A  trophy for 1st and 2nd place will be given providing the shark are measured and returned alive.
Both the National Shark Angling           Competition and the International Shark Tournament will be run on a strictly "catch & release" basis and the emphasis throughout will be to re enforce conservation education.

Plans are in the early stages for an International Shark Tournament in Aug /Sept 1999

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