SIR HENRY'S : from the original bread basket himself Henry O'Shea, original baker and South Main Street building proprietor - to that same downtown emporium of dance, trance, R&B, hip hop and a regular fund of live rock, this place has it all. Regulars and first time visitors never stop talking about Sir Henry's. In an ever changing world of lifestyles, Sir Henry's - since 1978 - has, without losing any of its originality, always stayed with the changing tide.


    From key performances over the years by heavy duty icons like the late Phil Lynott, John Martyn's folk-inspired electric and acoustic sets, the kerb cred eighties power of ex-Clash Mick Jones' Big Audio Dynamite, and the original Henry's sweat dance DJ's Greg D., Stevie G. and visiting homeboys like Carl Cox - the venue Sir Henry's has hosted the lot.

    And who can forget that obscure little band called Nirvana supporting Sonic Youth at your favourite Sir Henry's facilitator? Were you there?

Half the population of Cork swear they were. The other half fucking wish they were!

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