Stokane National School

Co. Sligo, Ireland


My Homework Notebook

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my Harry Potter Notebook which I write my homework in. It is the first item out of my bag every morning. I got it in September in Keohanes, Ballina, and since then it has been very useful.

My Pencil Sharpener

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my pencil sharpener which I bought in Regan's Discount Store in Ballina for 10cent. It is made from blue plastic and a metal blade in the centre to cut the side of the pencil when it is blunt. There is a hole in the side where the pencil is inserted and by twisting the pencil the blade sharpens the point.

My Protractor

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my Helix protractor which I use in maths to measure angles. My protractor is made of clear plastic, which is very useful when I want to see the angles underneath the protractor when I am measuring them. There are two scales on the protractor, one on the inside and the other on the outside, counting in tens up to 180, and we use one of these scales according to the angle.

My English Workbook

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

My English Workbook is called Treasury 2000 Workbook F. It has lots of reading, grammer, nouns, writing, verbs, poetry and oral language in it. We use our English dictionary for the dictionary practice. There are 96 pages in it. It was published by "Folens" in Dublin.

My Eraser

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my eraser. It was made in Germany out of rubber and it is very useful for erasing a mistake I make with my pencil. It cost 30cent in Mary's in Ballina.

My Pencil Case

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my pencil case which I got in Dublin last Christmas. It is lined inside with cloth and the outside is covered completely with green fur. In the front there are two ears and eyes. Inside it I put my pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, biros, a ruler and my protractor. It is very useful and has plenty of space inside.

My Black Biro

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my black "Harry Potter" pen. I recieved it a week ago and it is very useful for my writing. I use it for English and for taking notes in my copybook. It has a clip on the side of it so I can clip it onto something or carry it around with me easily.

My Pencil

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my pencil which was bought in Newstand, Ballina, for 30cent. It is made of wood and graphite (lead). It is thick and uses a special pencil sharpener because it is so wide. My pencil is very useful for writing most of the roughwork.

My Marker

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my refillable Staedtler Topstar purple marker made in Germany. I bought it in Newstand, Ballina and I bought ink there to refill it. I use it for colouring pictures in my religion book and also for doing crosswards in my English Workbook.