Stokane National School, Co. Sligo, Ireland

We will be writing about the following topics in February, March, April and May 2002 -- one topic each month:
1. What is in our schoolbags
2. Our classroom
3. Subjects and persons we meet in the school
4. Freetime activities

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My Red Pen

by Shane, 4th class

This is my red pen which I bought in Spar Supermarket in Enniscrone for 30 cent just before Christmas. I use it every day to rule my copy book. I sometimes use it for rough work and for ticking my answers in my copy. I store it in my pencil-case. It is very easy to write with my red pen.

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My Pencil Case

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my pencil case which I got in Dublin last Christmas. It is lined inside with cloth and the outside is covered completely with green fur. In the front there are two ears and eyes. Inside it I put my pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, biros, a ruler and my protractor. It is very useful and has plenty of space inside.


My Folder

By Marie, 5th class

This is my folder. I use my folder to keep my song, poem and music sheets clean and tidy. I bought this folder at the start af the term in Joyce's of Foxford. Then I put stickers on it because it looked dull.

My Eraser

By Bryan, 3rd class

This is my eraser that I got in Ballina for ten cent. This eraser is used to erase something that you have done wrong with a pencil on a copy.

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My English Workbook

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

My English Workbook is called Treasury 2000 Workbook F. It has lots of reading, grammer, nouns, writing, verbs, poetry and oral language in it. We use our English dictionary for the dictionary practice. It was published by "Folens" in Dublin.

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My Ruler

By Bryan, 3rd class

This is my ruler that I found at my home in Ballina. The ruler is used to make straight lines on a piece of paper. And it is also used to measure lengths of items in the school.

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My Pencil Sharpener

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my pencil sharpener which I bought in Regan's Discount Store in Ballina for 10cent. It is made from blue plastic and a metal blade in the centre to cut the side of the pencil when it is blunt. There is a hole in the side where the pencil is inserted and by twisting the pencil the blade cuts the lead narrower.

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My Homework Notebook

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my Harry Potter Notebook which I write my homework in. It is the first item out of my bag every morning. I got it in September in Keohanes, Ballina, and since then it has been very useful.

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A school bag

By Bryan, 3rd class

This is my Active school bag. It is a two-tone knapsack, coloured black on top and blue on the bottom. There are two small pockets at the side and two big pockets on the front. I use the big pocket on the front for my lunch box, and the main pocket I use for my books and copies.

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My Lunchbox

By Kirsty, 5th class

I bought my lunchbox in Ballina in the Discount store and it cost 3euro. I bring my lunch in it every day and my mum packs it for me. I have a ham sandwich with mayonnaise. My bread is always buttered. I have a drink which is apple juice and a bag of crisps and a bar but as it is Lent I have an orange instead.

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My Protractor

By Anne-Marie, 5th class

This is my Helix protractor which I use in maths to measure angles. My protractor is made of clear plastic, which is very useful when I want to see the angles underneath the protractor when I am measuring them. There are two scales on the protractor, one on the inside and the other on the outside, counting in tens up to 180, and we use one of these scales according to the angle.


My Tinwhistle

By Tara, 4th class

This is my Generation Tinwhistle. I play tunes on it like The Dawning of the Day, The Three Flowers and the Halls of Montazuma. Sometimes on Saint Patricks Day the whole school plays these three tunes in our school band in the Saint Patricks Day Parade. My tinwhistle is in the key of D the notes are doh, ray, mi, fah, so, la and ti. I love playing the tinwhistle.