Stokane National School

Fiona's Page

My Pencil

This is my pencil. It is made out of wood and graphite. I use it to write essays. It has a little eraser on top so if I make a mistake I can erase it. The pencil is coloured yellow and black. It is a HB pencil. I don't have another pencil like this one.

My Pencil Sharpener

This is my pencil sharpener. It is used to sharpen pencils. It is coloured blue. When the lead in the pencil is blunt I use the sharpener to sharpen the point.

My Pencil Case

This is my pencil case. It has a zip on it to open and close it. I put my pencils, erasers, rulers and sharpeners in it. It is multi-coloured.

My School-bag

This is my school-bag. I put my pencil case, copys, books ruler and my lunch into it. My school-bag has four pockets. It has two straps for my shoulders so I can carry it on my back.

My Eraser

This is my eraser. It is made out of rubber. It is grey on one side and white on the other. It can erase mistakes. I think it is a great eraser.

My Geography Book

This is my Geography book. There are 120 pages in it. I am on page 81 in it. It is called "Our Place in Space". It is coloured black and green.