The following is an extract, taken from the Drogheda Independent on Friday November 23rd 2001>>

A new nightclub is thundering its way into town this Christmas and its bound to hit you like a bolt of lightning, If it hasn't already.
Storm Nightclub on stockwell lane will open its doors this festive season to an eager crowd of party seekers looking to enjoy the festive spirit in the best possible way they can!
And there is no doubt that this, the latest and greatest spot in town is the place to do just that.
The nightclub which was officially opened by Boyzone's Keith Duffy on October 17th this year, has so far been doing exactly what it is set to do: Bring the crowd in, and the crowd are loving it!
This Christmas, Storm will be open every night from Dec 19th to Jan 1st with each evening guaranteeing hours of endless fun, great music and a brilliant atmosphere.
The Storm legacy came to life last February when proprietor Tony Ward, went to look at the premises once it was for sale.
Even though I had been in and out of the club several times, I didn't know how much room was wasted down at the back with kitchens and offices."
And it was this space that Tony, with the help of his brilliant yound Irish interior Designer Selena Brennan, would turn into the imaginative and dazzling club it is today.
It was immediately obvious to Tony that his vacant premises was just the right size to be transformed into a dancing area with two substantial bars. Although Tony originally approached veteran designer Frank Ennis, who had done a brilliant job on Redz, he decided that Storm - a new and exciting club - should have a new and exciting interior. Something completely different from Redz - Enter Selina Brennan.
The promising young designer drew up some sketches of what she imagined this look to be.
Not long after, well, six months of hard work to be exact, Drogheda's newest hot spot was ready to go.
Fitted out with a immaculate glass dance floor, bubble tubes, plasma tables, a six foot monster with red glowing eyes, five foot graphic equalisers behind the bars and a catchy name coined by Tony's Wife, Cathy, the new club was ready to show Drogheda exactly what a good night out was supposed to be.
However the real beauty of Storm is not the impressive interior or size but the fact that there is something there for everyone. If you want a Dance, you can have a Dance, if you want a drink, then there's plenty of room for that too! There's a broad range of music that will suit everyone's tastes and the friendly, professional and courteous bar staff will serve you an one of an impressive range of drinks, as quickly as you could ask for.
Storm do enforce a strict door policy and anybody getting ready to enjoy a good night they would be advised to be neatly dressed and runner free!
There is no doubt that Storm is the place to spend this Christmas with a good crowd, good staff and a great night promised, every night!


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