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Hello Folks,

Welcome to my banjo site. Due to increased visits to my website, I will be more active in keeping my site up to date for 2005. So, please check in often for new photos, products and ideas. Thank you for your support.

Tom Cussen

It must be apparent to both musicians and music lovers, as well as the general public, that the past number of years has seen an phenomenal growth in the musical importance of the Banjo. The growing demand for high quality banjos for use in dance bands, groups and as a solo instrument has also become more apparent.

This has led to a decided broadening in the field of activity of the beginner and the professional banjo player and the attraction of more and more players of a much higher standard of musicianship. 

The banjo and especially the Tenor Banjo, has become a very popular instrument in Irish Music and Folk Music generally. The rewards to good banjo players have become real and substantial so that the banjo player of today gives much thought to the attainment of perfection in their playing. 

These are some of the reasons I began making banjos and it is my aim to provide the best possible instrument to both beginners and professionals alike. A banjo player can be no better than his/her instrument, therefore I am building installments that are of the highest playing quality.

Clareen Banjos are made to give the player every opportunity to do themselves justice on the instrument. As a banjo player myself, with over 30 years experience, I can guarantee that each instrument is hand crafted to the highest quality. Only the best materials are used, and are now, where possible, made in Ireland. 

At present the standard models available from Clareen Banjos are the Special, Pearl, Oyster and Elite. They are available in Tenor, Plectrum and 5 String. Variations and modifications can be made to any instrument to suit each individual customers needs

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Hello to all my customers and a Happy & Peaceful 2005.

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