Reports and stories stories from Goldwing & Valkyrie owners. If you would like to see your story appear on these pages, I would be delighted to have them, just contact me. You can send an article of any length and include some pictures if you want to and submissions from all over the world are most welcome.




Alan De La Mare's Wipeout. Read about Alan's close shave on his GL1500, including lots of pictures of the aftermath. Posted on January 30th, 2004.


Suzanne's Road Trip. Dubliner Suzanne's first trip riding pillion on a Goldwing was just around the block. Her next Goldwing trip was halfway across the USA!


Dan Nathan's Report. Dan's report on his '03 GL1800. Updated on January 25th, 2004.


Scott MacMartin's owners report. Scott sends this report from Ottawa, Canada.


Reiner Kappenberger's GL1800 owners report. This GL1800 is Reiners first Goldwing and he makes some interesting comparisons with other motorcycles in this comprehensive report.


Ron Wylie's France Trip. Ron's report makes a nice long read and has some travel tips at the end.


Steve Elliot's Spanish Trip. Steve & Chris Elliot, from Tyneside in the UK, sent this account of their trip to Spain.


B.T Amos's owners report. B.T is from Houston, Texas and offers his alternative to Honda's expensive CD player.


Randy Tapp's owners report. Randy is a motorcycle police officer from Kentucky and sends this interesting report on his new GL1800.


Steve Saunders (Ireland) owners report. My own experience of the GL1800 Goldwing, which I hope to update in the future.
From The Crate. In early 2000, I took delivery of a US spec GL1500SE. This article shows the assembly of the Goldwing from the crate.

Sandford J Faz's GL1800 owners report. By Sandford Faz from Lancaster California.


Pete Russell's GL1800 owners report. Pete Russell, from the UK, is believed to be the first person in Britain to have a GL1800 on the road.


Honda F6C (Valkyrie) Report. By Joe Foley. An insight into ownership of this beast, powered by the 1520cc Goldwing engine.


Nova Scotia Trip. by Hank Ellenbast.


Florida to Alaska Round Trip. (22 days and 10,955 miles) by Ray Cantrell. 


Trip Tips. By Marian Reynolds gives her insight into how one should prepare for the motorcycle holiday.


France & Spain 2000. Also by Marian Reynolds, with photo's. This is a lovely article about one of her and husband Kevin's holidays.