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2011 ........ Silversmithing Workshops ........ 2011
"Through the Plasticity of Metal"
This year, 2011, the workshop titles are of a general nature, "Through the Plasticity of Metal". They will cover most of the Silversmithing techniques, relating to hollow forms and Jewellery. The main focus of the Silversmithing workshop is to give students a thorough understanding of how metal can be stretched and compressed.( see illustration below) This is achieved by Raising and Sinking two Hemispheres from the same size disc.The result is quite incredible as one gets from the "Raising" a smaller appearently heavier Hemisphere and from the "Sinking" one gets a larger aparently lighter hemisphere. It is being able to control these two properties of the metal, that enable us to produce vessels of hollow form both "raised and sunk" and to persue techniques like Forging, Chasing, and Anticlastic Raising.
These are the dates for the silversmithing Workshops in Ireland
No.2 Monday 28th February to Friday 4th March 2011
Silversmithing.-.One Week
No.4 Monday 11th April to Friday 22nd April 2011
Silversmithing - two weeks
No.7 Monday 11th July to Friday 22nd July 2011
Silversmithing - two weeks
No.8 Monday 1st August to Friday 12th August 2011
Silversmithing - two weeks


Silversmithing Techniques....150 mm X 150 mm X 1.5mm copper sheet.
Students should bring extra copper squares of different sizes from 80 mm X 80 mm to 200mm X 200 mm

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