Brian Clarke
2011 ........ Silversmithing Workshops ........ 2011

Brian Clarke, master silversmith, has been practising silversmithing in his studio since the early 1970s.
Brian has worked on both commissioned and personal pieces in the areas of silversmithing, jewellery and sculpture.
Brian practises many techniques including Raising, Sinking, Anticlastic Raising, Chasing, Forging, He has made many pieces for private, corporate, and religous clients. Some of these pieces include Trophies, Awards, Tea Pots, Coffee Pots, Bowls, Dishes, hand forged Spoons, Chalices, Ciboria, Croziers, Pectoral Crosses etc..
More recently brian has been involved in research into how some of the gold items, in the Museum in Dublin, were made in Antiquity. He is credited with the discovery of how the Ribbon Torc was made and has revived the art of the ribbon torc having made many experiments in Gold, Silver, Copper and Brass.
Recently Brian was commissioned by the National Museum, Kildare Street, Dublin to make an exact replica of one of the Lunulae in their collection. This Lunula was forged from a small ingot of gold.


The fees for One and Two week Workshops include Lunch but do not include accomodation and evening meals,
The cost for accomodation & evening meal will be in the region of 50 Euro per day
Workshops Fee, € 650.00 for One week   &   € 1300.00 for Two weeks
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