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Books about
Janet Mentgen's Healing Touch

  1. Healing Touch: A Guide Book for Practitioners (2nd edition, 2001)
  2. White Shadow Walking With Janet Mentgen (2000)

Healing Touch: A Guide Book for Practitioners - 2nd edition
by Dorothea Hover-Kramer, Janet Mentgen, Norma Geddes (Contributor), Sharon Scandrett-Hibdon, Victoria Slater

Paperback: 256 pages; (September 2001)
Delmar Learning; ISBN: 0766825191

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Book Description
Healing Touch is a practical guide for those interesting in training in the healing arts. The essentials of energy healing are examined through relevant theoretical and research information and case studies and reference practically reinforce material. Covers general course curriculum, the credentialing process and practical step-by-step guides to basic techniques. Includes a glossary, links to outside resources and sample client consent and intake forms. ? User-friendly? New chapter on theory of energy healing cites recent discoveries? Emphasizes self-care of the practitioner

About the Author
Dorthea Hover-Kramer Ed. D. RN is a nurse and Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice in California. She is also a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner and Instructor.

Table of Contents
Introduction by DHK. How to Use this Book. Section I. History and Background of HT. Ch.1. Development of Healing Touch as a Major Force in Energy-Oriented Healing DHK & Janet Mentgen, BS, RN. Ten Year Celebration, Kauai, Hawaii, 2000. Beginnings of HT. Evolution of the HT course. Evolution of HT Organization and Certification. Summary. 2. Concepts of Healing in Human History, Sharon Scandrett-Hibdon, PhD., RN. Definitions of Healing. Differentiation Between Healing and Curing. Documentations of Energy Healing. Early Energetic Names and Labels. Beliefs About Illness and Healing. Prominent Healers. Use of Electromagnetics. Uses of Electricity in Healing. Energy Utilization in Medicine. Kirlian photography. Brain Wave Patterns in Healers. The Endogenous Healing Process: A Model. Summary and References


White Shadow Walking With Janet Mentgen
by Diane Wind Wardell

Paperback: 408 pages (December 15, 2000)
Colorado Center For Healing Touch; ISBN: 0970790805 Price - Quick Click Buying

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About the Author
Diane Wind Wardell, PhD, RNC, CHTI is an Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Texas Houston Health Science Center. At the university, she teaches graduate nursing courses, is a women's health care nurse practitioner providing care for pregnant teenagers and has a Healing Touch practice through the university's health services. She is the Research Director for Healing Touch International and teaches in the Healing Touch program. She practices Tai Chi daily and lives with her psychologist husband, William, in Houston, Texas. She was born in Buffalo, New York and has three grown children.

Reader Review
A Fine Piece of Art on Healing, March 7, 2001
Reviewer: Sandy Patin from Canyon Lake, Texas USA
Combining her poetic and clinical writing style, Diane Wardell has captured the essence of multi-dimensional healing found within the Healing Touch certification program. Wardell is both courageous and strong as she teaches and inspires while telling the story of Healing Touch and its founder, Janet Mentgen. Wardell's sensitivity and at times personal journey vulnerabilities guide the reader through the essence of healing in its purest and truest form of a compassionate mother teaching her child about life and its challenges. I applaud the author for the courage to open herself up to the world and especially her world, the medical community. White Shadow is the first book I would recommend for anyone who is called to hands-on healing arts. It contains a wealth of knowledge and wisdom for Healing Touch practitioners as well, in training and certified. On a final note, I find White Shadow provides a spiritual framework of unity to those of us within the Healing Touch community but also touches all of us as healers around the world in a way which far exceeds our peer relationships and professional training.


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