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Supporting and advising women on domestic abuse

As a voluntary organisation, Clare Haven is very dependent on support from the public at large. YOU can help through giving your...


Become a volunteer and give Clare Haven a specific amount of time each week  / month to assist us. (click here)


For various reasons - not least the Celtic Tiger's appetite - very many people do not have the latitude to give of their time or their expertise to our voluntary project, and prefer to financially donate to our organisation instead.

Since our inception in 1993, Clare Haven has always been very dependent on financial help from the general public, not just to maintain our core services but to expand them also. We are continually expanding our services in line with our policy to support and inform women and their children experiencing Domestic Violence / Abuse.


How you can donate to help Clare Haven...

  • Give a once off donation.
  • Give an annual donation.
  • Set up a direct debit to give Clare Haven a specific amount per month  for 12 months.
  • Sponsor a project within Clare Haven through
  • Further information on sponsorship available from Funding Team.


Scheme of Tax Relief for Corporate Donations to Clare Haven Services

As Clare Haven is a Charitable Organisation, all financial donations are treated as a deductible trading expense or as an expense of management in computing the total profits of the company. Tax relief will be granted at  the company's marginal rate of tax.

This applies to amounts not less that €317.43 (250.00) and is limited to €12,697.38 (10,000.00).


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