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Station Personnel

We have been very fortunate with the experienced people available locally who have become involved in the Station. We have three full-time firemen, four trained First Responders (an extremely advanced first-aid qualification), all our helms have the Yachtmaster Offshore (Shorebased) qualification, all bar 2 of our crew have been to Cowes for training, and 12 of our crew have VHF certs. We have five powerboat instructors and one first aid instructor; we also have seven certified divers. Further details are given below.

Station Management | Lifeboat Crew | Former Crew |

Sea Check Advisors |  Fundraising Committee

Station Management | Top

Position Name "Day job"
Chairman Barry Woods
Lifeboat Operations Manager Alan Barton Yacht broker
Deputy Launching Authority Dave Coughlan Commercial Diver
Deputy Launching Authority Lenny Hyde Fisherman
Deputy Launching Authority Ray Heffernan Boatyard staff
Deputy Launching Authority Patsy Fegan Self-employed
Deputy Launching Authority Michael Canty General Operative
Lifeboat Press Officer/Sea Safety Officer Jon Mathers Agent
Lifeboat Medical Advisor Dr. John Murphy G.P.
Lifeboat Treasurer Matt Foley Boatyard manager
Lifeboat Administration Officer/Shorecrew Colin Philpott Solider
Lifeboat Training Co-ordinator Gary Heslin F/T firefighter
Boathouse Manager Anne Hyde  

Lifeboat Crew | Top

Name Position "Day job"
Mark Bushe Helm Boat building/repair
Kieran Coniry Helm Pier Manager
Denis Cronin Crew Publican
Con Crowley Helm Pilot boat skipper 
Mark Groves Shorecrew/Asst Mech.  Fitter
Geraldine Farrell Shorecrew Care nurse
Sandra Farrell Shorecrew Jewellery shop assistant
James Fegan Crew Engineer
Vince Fleming Crew PVC installation
Warren Forbes Mechanic/Helm F/T fireman
Jonathan Grey Crew Marine engineer
Gary Heslin Helm F/T fireman
Kevin Higgins Helm Marina manager
Stephen Hyde Crew Fisherman
Ritchie Kelliher Helm Windscreen fitter
Catherine Levis Shorecrew  
Bernard Lynch Crew Shopkeeper
Michael Meade Helm Fisherman
Aidan O'Connor Helm Airport Fire Service
Aengus O'Donovan Crew Fisherman
Daniel O'Donovan Crew Rib builder
Michael O'Donovan Shorecrew Marine electrical engineer
Christy O'Sullivan Shorecrew  
Paddy Quinlan Crew Adventure sports centre
Brian Ring Crew F/t fireman
Alan Venner Helm/Asst. Mechanic Engineer
David Venner Helm Project Manager
Ian Venner Helm Accountant

It is also important to remember those crew who have been part of the station in the past, and to reassure them they are always welcome back in the future.

Former Crew | Top

Name Service Record
Finn O'Boyle 2000 - 2002
Ruairi Higgins 2000 - 2003
Paul Brierley 2000 - 2003
John Mulcahy 2002 - 2004
Trudy Hyde 2002 - 2004
Paul Lannin 2000 - 2005
Derry O'Sullivan 2000 - 2004
Paul Lannin 2000 - 2005
Hugh Mockler 2000 - 2004
Keith Mackeown 2000 - 2005
Amy Hyde 2000 - 2008
Rosaleen Mackeown 2002 - 2008
Phil Maguire-Hähnel 2002 - 2009
Michael Good 2000 - 2011
Tina Bushe 2000 - 2010
Michael Meade 2000 - 2010

We have a team of SeaCheck Advisors who can carry out a free SeaCheck on your boat.  They are primarily based on the locations listed, but can also visit boats anywhere in Cork Harbour or nearby. Why not avail of this free service this year?

SeaCheck Advisors | Top

Name Area
Ritchie Kelliher Crosshaven
Marc Groves
Kevin Whitney Cork City
Ashley Smith Cork Harbour/Kinsale
Martin Foy Cobh/East Ferry
Claire Tuohy Cobh/East Ferry
Damian Aherne Cobh/East Ferry
Phil Maguire-Hähnel Cork Harbour

No lifeboat can launch without the dedication and effort of the fundraising branches around the country. We have always had a very strong branch in Crosshaven, which is now chaired by Michael Good also.

Fundraising Committee | Top

Name Position
Trudy Austin Secretary
Mark Ginn Treasurer