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Home From the Sea | Another Rescue

Written by Phil Coulter after the tragic loss of his brother at sea, this song was recorded by Phil, the Clancy brothers and the Lifeboat Chorus (actual lifeboat crews). All proceeds from the sale of the record went to the RNLI in Ireland. The record gained popularity, and has since become the unofficial anthem of lifeboat crews all around the UK and Ireland.

Home From The Sea

On a cold winter's night, with the storm at it's height,
A lifeboat answers a call.
They pitched and they tossed, 'till we thought they were lost,
As we watched from the harbour wall.
'Tho the night was pitch black, there was no turning back,
For someone was waiting out there,
And each volunteer had to live with his fear
As we joined in a silent prayer.


Home, home, home from the sea,
Angels of mercy, answer our plea.
And carry us home, home, home from the sea,
Carry us safely home, from the sea.

As they battled their way past the mouth of the bay
It was blowing like never before.
As they gallantly fought everyone of them thought
Of loved ones back on the shore.
Then a flicker of light and they knew they were right.
There she was on the crest of a wave.
She's an old fishing boat and she's barely afloat.
Please God, there are souls we can save.


And back in the town, on a street that runs down
To the sea and the harbour wall.
They had gathered in pairs at the foot of the stairs,
To wait for a radio call.
Then just before dawn, when all hope was gone,
Came a hush, and a faraway sound.
'Twas the coxswain, he roared "All survivors on board,
Thank God, and we're homeward bound"


Poem - Another Rescue | Top

This poem was composed by a local Crosshaven man as a tribute to the crews of the RNLI.

Another Rescue

The mighty wave lifted and weighed
the craft I had sailed for many a day
What once was the distant shore
came ever closer more and more
This potent force, this aqueous killer
made a mockery of my damaged tiller
I could see my end and began to pray
that someone had heard my call "Mayday"
Within the trough then on the crest
knocked and banged, there is no rest
The reliable voice on the radio band
states "Lifeboat men close" help is at hand
My thoughts of abandoning hope
vanished as they threw the salvage rope
Now, calm waters, I'm in the haven
Brave Lifeboatmen save one more Seaman