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June 22, 2001

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The Circus came to the Good Shepherd on 16th February and what a day we had!



September 1989

De La Salle B.N.S. and Our Lady of Loreto G.N.S. amalgamated making a new school ' The Good Shepherd National School/Scoil Naisiunta An Dea Aoire' with a staff of eight teachers.


A learning support class was set up and in February 1991 the first special class was set up. The school now has three special classes. In November 1991 the first speech and language class was set up. The school now has two language classes, each having the extra support of a speech and language therapist employed by the E.H.B.


There are 23 teachers on the staff including a Home-School-Community Liaison teacher and a hard working Parents' Association who run fund raising events. There is a parents' room in the school where people can come to relax or take part in courses organised during the year. From the start the school has been very much to the fore in Ireland in the use of Information Technology as a learning/teaching aid. Initially, the opening of a purpose built computer room with 20 computers operating from an acorn platform led to the school being recognised as having one of the most innovative facilities not only in Ireland, but in the E.U. In the past two years a modern network incorporating the latest P.C. and Windows technology has been set up. Now, not only is it a school with a fully functional networked computer room for class teaching but individual classrooms are also on line- a"whole school" network.

As part of the Department of Education's S.I.P. initiative, pupils in the school are now introduced to the latest multimedia programmes - innovations such as video conferencing, digital camera and scanning equipment, and the world of the Internet. It's certainly a long way from the old chalk and talk days..