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June 22, 2001

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The Magic Show

by Joseph Moran

Sixth Class


He told me not to go. This same thing I have repeated to myself for the past hour.I am in a cupboard in the staff room and the only thing I can see is darkness. Now that I am stuck in this cupboard, I remember how I got here.

It all started on a Sunday. I was going with my friend to town, to buy a game for my computer. As usual, the shops were very crowded and it took a long time to get into town. While I was looking in the shop a strange store caught my eye. It was an old fashioned shop and from the outside, anyone would have thought, it was a museum, if not for the hugh letters written in red on the shop, which said MAGIC!

I told my friend we should look inside, but to my surprise, he said not to go there, because every one he knows, says the shop is evil. I laughed at him and told him I was going into the shop. When I went into the shop, the first thing I noticed, was that the shop was so packed with magic kits, that the huge piles of magic kits reached the roof and every so often, one would fall with a loud bang. As soon as I entered the shop, an old man appeared out of nowhere and asked me what I would like to buy. I told him I would like to buy a magic kit and I asked him how much it was, and he told me it was free.

I wondered why it was free as I made my way home through the endless jungle of people. When I got home I started learning magic tricks. To my surprise I managed to do three magic tricks, for it seemed as if the magic knew how to do the tricks, even without my help. I soon started to think that I should enter the talent show and do some magic tricks, so next day I entered my name for the talent show. I was so confident I would win, that I started to do my magic tricks in class, much to the displeasure of my teacher. The talent show was due to start at eight o'clock on Friday. The week flew by. Before I knew it, it was Friday. I was quite nervous before my act, but as soon as my first trick started, I wasn't nervous at all.

For my first trick, I made a car appear out of a top hat and for my second and greatest trick, I decided I would turn myself into a cake. I didn't know why I wanted to turn myself into a cake but it seemed a great idea at the time. So when I walked into a larger wardrobe that was set up on the stage, and my assistant closed the door, I didn't come out of the wardrobe the same. Now I am in a cupboard in the staff room and I have changed into a cake. THe only thing I am hoping for now is that none of the teachers are hungry......