...with Peter Fitzpatrick

I am contributing lyrics to a proposed album by Peter Fitzpatrick. The album is very much at the pre-pre-planning stage, but by clever, if selective, use of the Completion Backwards Principle, we have working titles for 18 songs or pieces of music.

Here's the lowdown on the project to date:-

The demoes for Paper Party Crown, Progress and Slowing Down have been mailed to Peter for his perusal. In addition, two other tracks which I've had on the back burner for some time, Amnesia International and Do the Washing Up, are humbly submitted for consideration. They may well fit the bill (or not, as the case may be...)

Watch this space for further details of this project!

Hot poop...!

On 23 August, 1997, work commenced in earnest on our recording project. Two rough demoes were recorded (SEE YOUR FACE and ACHTUNG02 FOR REAL (a working title, as you'll gather)). I'm currently working on lyrics for these two songs, while, master of high technology that he is, Peter is converting the demoes into almost-completed tracks. God bless Studio Vision Pro!.

Our session scheduled for 19 September had to be cancelled due to illness and general feeling-like-shite, but I did the lyrics for ACHTUNG 02 FOR REAL, now known as CRASHLANDED. I also did lyrics for HELLHOLE, which is not one of the tracks we demoed the last day. Our next session is tentatively scheduled for some time in October. I love deadlines, don't you?

We had a busy and productive session on 12 October, 1997. We cut and paste the rough demoes of CRASHLANDED and SEE YOUR FACE and did guide vocals for the latter. We also started work on a third, as yet untitled, track.

We had another productive session on 22 November, 1997. We did more rough work on the third track (still untitled) and started a fourth track entitled SONG NO. 8. We hope to be in a position to start "proper" recording in the New Year. In the meantime, I have to write lyrics for the unnamed track and tidy up the lyrics for SONG NO. 8.

On 27 February, 1998, we had our most productive session to date. We demoed up SONG NO. 8, wrote and recorded lyrics for the "third track", now called AWAY TO GO, and wrote and recorded lyrics for a further track called I WANT YOU TO BREAK ME. This last track is a real cracker, let me assure you. The plan now is to work up these five tracks for an EP which could be released some time later this year. Exciting things are happening, folks...!

Aaah, who the hell keeps tracks of dates anymore? Peter and I have had a number of sessions within the last few months and have arrived at a plan of campaign which involves guest appearances from a number of Dublin musician-types. We have devised a plan for completion of the project in Jan./Feb. 1999. Two years since it's inception, not bad for a four-track EP, eh? By the way, AWAY TO GO is now called EVERYBODY KNOWS. Now, you know too...!

On the 2nd. October, 1998 (I think...), I had the unexpected pleasure of doing my bass-lines for CRASHLANDED. I am now going to sell my bass and quit music forever...:-)


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