Here are some graphics of me through the ages. Is this self-indulgent or what? Answers, please to Ask Me Sister

Here's the earliest photograph of myself that I can find. It was taken in 1966 or 1967 as I was starting infant's class ("...even then, he was vague about his history; when he started school etc. etc."). The pedal car was rusty and red, by the way.

This photograph dates from 1968. The guy who took the photograph, Martin Curtin, was in the unenviable position of having his house burn down some weeks after the picture was taken. Nothing to do with me, I hasten to add, although I was considered somewhat of a prodigy at that time...(feeble joke).

From a photobooth (obviously) in one of those old amusement arcades in O'Connell Street, Dublin (I think) in and around 1972 (I reckon). I used to spend a few weeks each year in Dublin staying with relations. From my halcyon, straw nibbling days, as you can plainly see.

Here's me outside the Phibsboro Tower in 1977, on one of those interminable schools trips. Notice the Mao cap. My pride and joy in those days. I even drew a red star just above the peak. And then some little c**t stole it from me. Life is full of trauma, is it not?

From left to right:- Michael (Hank) Carey, currently living in Albuquerque; Yours Truly; Pat (The Rat) Tarrant, headmaster extraordinaire; Sean Hogan, Telecom Eireann employee and Martin Spillane, last heard of holding down a missionary position (as a priest, you smutty-minded so-and-so) in Peru. Under the Awful Tower in November, 1978 ("...ah, so even knows the month now. Fascinating.")

Yours truly on bass and Mark Pugh on Fender 12-string acoustic. From the halogen days of 4FLAGS in our rehearsal rooms in Westland Row, Dublin circa 1984. For those of you who are interested, the graffiti on the wall read "Smirnoff and Mastectomies Leave Me Breastless". I didn't do it...

That bloody photobooth again... Some shots that were used for a publicity booklet for ANY CROWDED CEILING's first demo, PUT YOUR MOUTH WHERE YOUR MONEY IS. Needless to say, we didn't get signed up...

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