Tantrum Ego


I feel those creative stirrings in me loins again (oo, er, missus!) and am about to embark on the composition and recording of a collection of songs and music called Tantrum Ego.

To be honest, I've actually been working at this project for a number of years, but only in a very unco-ordinated sense (Q:- how does Americans pronounce a word spelt uncoordinated. "Unkoordinated"? I think we should be told...). The time is now coming whereby I revise and record these works properly. And to what end? Dunno fer sure...I'm a bit long in the tooth to go chasing record companies at this stage in my life. In any event, from a physical perspective, I'm probably not a very marketable commodity (anyone who's ever met me will know what I mean by that). What I think I'll do is to explore all the possibilities of marketing music over the Internet (mail order self-burned CDs/*.mp3 etc.). Lave it with me, I'll come up with some strategy (or other)...

Tantrum Ego will be comprised of two "sides":-

And what of the material on Tantrum Ego? Well, so far... (all tracks marked * can be sampled at )

BORN TO COMPROMISE* was written and recorded (in a very rough demo form on 4-track) in 1998, and will feature in a forthcoming BIZARRE DEPICTION acoustic release. Contact AUTOreverse for further details about this release. A "proper" instrumental demo version is also available for your edification (or otherwise)...

EVERY BUMP IN THE ROAD* is now available for your listening "pleasure".