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Welcome to the Training Professional's Gateway.

The Training Professional's Gateway was ...

... set up in July, 1997 by myself, Mike Collins, as a result of frustrated efforts trying to find relevant and detailed  training resources on the Internet. Although a lot of information is available, a means of organising access to that information is generally missing. A couple of training colleagues suggested that I may wish to share my research, and hey presto, here we are!

The links and are updated ...

... about every 2-4  weeks. Choices are personal and somewhat opinionated (no excuses) - but your suggestions/comments are most welcome.

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Mike Collins runs a Training and Development Consultancy  based in Cork, Ireland - serving clients in Ireland, the USA, the UK and around the world. See his website at:


"I hold a Masters Degree in Human Resource Development as well as being a certified Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. I have a background in Electronic Engineering and I.T. - having worked as a Technical Instructor, Training Specialist, Training Manager, Training Director, Soft-skills Trainer, Self-employed Training Consultant, Facilitator and Coach with a non-specific amount of companies (so as not to give my age away).

I have particular interests in coaching, mentoring, career development and Neuro-Linguistic Programming."



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