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A moving Shamrock!
This is where I put keep the stuff that is a bit strange, the kinda stuff that seems to defy sensible classification.
Untill I get to creating my own unique bit of strange stuff, I'll start with some of the strange links I've come across.

Links to Strange places

Mom, I'm a witch
Help is at hand

Life's a bitch . .
Discover more!

I find this a bit amusing
Toilet Training A Guide to Urinal Etiquette!

More of the same
Urinal Etiquette Links!

Other stuff
Dr Webster's

UFO's and more!
Sam's Home Page

More about UFO's
Have you been abducted?

Take a look at
Mike's Links page

Some Truth here
Onion peels

Then there there's 
The Blather


My toilet humour

To be revised from time to time . .
If you also appreciate strange and weird stuff on the net, and know where to find more evidence of it, please let me know, and I may include it here!    N. O'Byrne


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