Nick Young's Hillwalking Photo Collection.

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The three below went up 20/10/99

The Mountain Bikers 43k

Hoare and Hoare 102k

Sunrise in Kerry 136k

Here's one of me taken in West Cork early 98 (43K)

Here's one of me on Purple mountain taken 1/2/97 (34K)

Lunch on Knockanafrinn 09/11/96 (60K)

Temple Mountain in the Galtees.The guy with the white hat is Sean Cotter our "revered" leader. 24/11/96 (43K)

Looking west from Tomies over The Gap of Dunloe to the Reeks 03/12/96. (43K)

This one is in the Nire Valley Taken 08/02/97. (43K)

This is me in the Hags Glen with Carrauntouhil (highest peak in Ireland 1039m) in the background taken 09/02/97. (43K)

This is the Rev John Shandley having lunch in the Reeks and that is snow behind him taken 15/02/97 (43K)

This is on Barraduff, Sean has a different white hat this time taken 02/03/97 (34K)

The Following up loaded 29/10/98 and more loaded up 25/11/98


Photos below were all taken in The Reeks Co Kerry.

Other areas in Co Kerry.

Carrauntoohil (85K) Nice Scenic one *****

On The Blackvalley Ridge (34K)

Approaching The Big Gun in Snow (119K) *****

Bennaunmore Co Kerry (51K)

On the Big Gun Snowless (43K)

Slieve Mish Mountains (60K)

Reeks Ridge Walk (77K) *****

Wills on Ice (34K)

Cruachmor (77K)

Emily on Mangerton (60K)

Heading up Carrauntoohil (43K)

Midnight Cowboy (77K)

Eagles Nest (77K)

Gap Of Dunloe (60K)

AU NATURAL ????? (68K) If you Dare hehehehe!

John The Baptist (85K)

That man Varian on Bennaunmore (111K)

Curve Gully-Carrauntoohil-Benkeragh 22/11/97

Going Up Curve Gully (77K)

The posse on Carrauntoohil (51K)

Ann Leaving Carrauntoohil (43K) *****

Traversing The Benkeragh Ridge (60K) *****

Across The Benkeragh Ridge (94K)

Photos taken In the Beara Peninsula Co Cork.

Bere Island West Cork (51K)

Sunday Morning Marie (51K)

Beara Way (94K)

Dursey Island (60K) 27/08/96

Comeraghs Co Waterford

Coomshingaun (102K)

Coomtay Marie(68K)

Co Donegal

Errigal (68K)

Leaving Errigal (68K)