Here's a little about me. I'm thirty four years of age and live in Cork City which is located on the south coast of Ireland (that's the smaller of the two islands west of Europe). I work for Aer Lingus that's the Irish state airline and am based at Cork airport. I used to work in Dublin but after seven years i decided to transfer out and get back to my roots. I have traveled quite a bit and do love traveling. I've been to the U.S,Canada, Mexico,Iceland and most of the E.U. Countries.

My main interest is hill walking as you can tell from the rest of my homepage. It's something I used to do it in college and only took it up in June '96 after an eight year absence. Now I can't get enough of it. If your looking for scenic images of Ireland check out my picture gallery. This will not be online however until around Mar 14th.

I'm fairly new to the computer age, having purchased my first computer in October '95. I decided to get a Mac instead of a P.C. when a sales assistant said to me "A Mac? sure any fool can use a Mac." and with a smile on my face I said "Yes I am that fool."

The main reason I wanted to get a computer was because I didn't want to get left behind by the electronic age so I would consider myself to be a complete novice at this game. Feel free to email me with any comments about my homepage. All advice, criticism, etc gratefully accepted.



Please email me at nickyoung@tinet.ie