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Links toCommunity Access Television sites and other links related to the movement for the Freedom of Speech.


Adelaide Community and Educational Access TV Inc
Brisbane Qld BRIZ 31 on UHF Channel 31 "Getting together"
Canberra CTV
Centralia WA CCTV-3 Community Television
Lismore NSW Linc TV - First Rural Community TV Station
Melbourne Vic. Channel 31 operated by the Melbourne Community Television Consortium.
Perth WA, Community Television "Your Voice - Your Vision"
List of Community Television Stations
Extension of community television trial period (Government paper)



Copenhagen TV Stop - Kanal 23 UHF
Vesterbro Lokal-TV, Copenhagen
Lokalradio- og tvpuljerne Kulturministeriets Tilskudssekretariat
Statligt stöd till dansk lokal-tv



Ekenäs TV
Förbundet finlandssvensk lokal-tv r.f.



Adenau Offener Kanal
Berlin Offener Kanal
Bremen Offener Kanal
Daun Offener Kanal
Dortmund Offener Kanal
Flensburg Offener Kanal
Hamburg Offener Kanal
Hamm Offener Kanal
Hannover Offener Kanal
Kaiserslautern Offener Kanal
Kessel Offener Kanal
Kiel Offener Kanal
Neustadt e.V. Offener Kanal
Paderborn Offener Kanal
Pirmasens - Zweibrücken Der Offene Kanal
Wolfsburg-Braunsweig Offener Kanal
Der Bundesverband Offene Kanäle (The Association for Open Channels)
Map of access radio and TV in Germany



Amsterdam Open Kanaal (SALTO)
List of local broadcasters



Dublin The Open Channel


New Zealand

Auckland Triangle Community Television UHF 41
Pakuranga College Television


Oppegård Lokal-TV



Gothenburg The Open Channel
Järfälla Lokal-TV
Lund Open Channel Steve Student TV cable & webcast
Malmö TV Malmø - Open Channel
Stockholm The Open Channel
Västerås - The Open Channel
List of local access channels in Sweden

 United Kingdom

Television Central UK An information exchange promoting the development of community broadcasting in the UK.


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