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About Me


My name is Stephen McCarthy, I am 22 years old and currently a 2nd Year student of Architectural Technology at the Limerick Institute of Technology . I live in the southeast of Ireland, not too far from Dungarvan town in the beautiful county of Waterford.

I come from a very musical family, especially Irish traditional music. My Sister Sharon (Aged 17) is an All-Ireland champion Bodhrán (Traditional Irish Drum) player and also an accomplished Fiddle & Step + Set dancer, my brother Brendan (Aged 24) is a member of the band Danú and has achieved many awards in his accordion and melodeon playing, I on the other-hand have a passion for Set, Step dancing (Modern + Old-style) as well as being an avid banjo player. My younger brother Aidan (Aged 15) is gradually beginning to master the art of Set dancing and my dear mother Mary (Aged 21+ a bit), is also an avid set dancer.

The whole family is totally caught up on the Irish Traditional music + Dance scene, so far as to say that it does bring the family closer, as well as allowing the opening of many Doors of opportunities in life!