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About Me


Celtic / Irish Traditional music

I have been learning the banjo since the age of 11 years. My tutor was the mistro Bobby Gardiner, to whom I am sincerely

grateful and I meet him on many occasions for a session of Irish music.

During the Summer, the family and I travel to all corners of Ireland for participating in the many festivals and Fleadhs.

I found that learning the banjo was quite an accomplishment, as it involves lots of practice and determination.

I play a tenor banjo with standard tenor tuning (G D A E).

Set dancing/Old style step dancing

This is a prime passion in my life.

I absolutely adore Ceil's and Set dancing festivals, especially the Willie Clancy Week in Miltown Malbay, County Clare.

This Week runs during the month of July and it is a set dancers and musicians Paradise. It involves Sessions and workshops with many of the well renowned musicians and dancers. It is a festival well worth checking out!!

I suppose you are wondering about the Old style Sean ns Dancing, Well, this has become my favorite party piece.

I composed the steps and It is a very relaxed style of Traditional step dance, that is a great crowd riser at any festival.

Architecture and Technology

Since I am currently being trained as an Architectural Technologist in the Built Environment Department at Limerick Institute of Technology, I have evolved a trained eye for Building details and defects within the construction Industry.

I was employed recently in an Architectural office in Dublin and worked on many interesting projects. At the moment, Dublin and the other counties in Ireland are currently experiencing a massive building Boom!

The Technology aspect involves creating and resolving of building details which can be quite teasing to solve. But I totally enjoy the development and structural steps to solve the problems.

In college, I am studying for a Degree/Diploma in Architectural Technology and it is through this course, that I am being trained in skills such as Surveying, Drafting (using AutoCAD 14), Graphics, Structures, Liberal studies and History + Appreciation of Architecture.

Computer Technology

Having being trained in Computer Aided Design in college, I am constantly learning new computer packages. I especially like Graphic Design or Drafting applications such as Photofinish and Autocad14.

I find that it is almost a necessity to have a PC in the home nowadays as it seems to be the Technology Era!

If you have any queries or general info on any of the above

interests, I would greatly appreciate your feedback.