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Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002 1:04 PM

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The e-mail below was sent in response to "Enforcement Notices" regarding a business sign which suddenly appeared (without warning of any kind) in two separate registered letters (one addressed to Mr.William Finnerty, and one to Mr.Gerald Finnerty) on June 13th 2002.  The sign consisted on nothing more than the following Internet address:

A scanned copy of one of the Enforcement Notices in question (dated June 12th 2002), which is connected with The Planning and Development Act 2000, can be seen further down this page.

A short time after these Enforcement Notices were received, and before the e-mail below was sent to Mr. Murphy (Galway County Council Secretary), a search of the Internet revealed that under the "Penalties for offences" section of The Planning and Development Act 2000, a fine "not exceeding £10,000,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 2 years, or to both" can be imposed.  (A link to the "Irish Legislation" www page containing this penalty information has been provided further down this page.)

Please note:
IR£10,000,000 is approximately equal to €12,700,000.

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Sent: Friday, June 14, 2002 1:04 PM

Subject: Your letter to me dated June 12th 2002. (European Parliament Reference Number: 809/2001)


Dear Mr Murphy,

I have received your letter dated June 12th 2002, and I find myself extremely surprised by it.

According to my records, a person from Galway County Council - who to the best of my recollection told me his name was Enda Coey (or something similar), suddenly appeared at my brother's petrol station on Wednesday May 1st last to inform us there was a "problem" with a sign I had put up some weeks earlier on an existing wall (erected around 1935) which forms part of our family business premises here in the village of New Inn.

When asked what our options were regarding this "problem" with the sign, Mr Coey (assuming I have his name right) informed me - in the presence of my brother - that one of three options available to us was to apply for planning permission for it.  On hearing this I immediately, and without any hesitation, informed him that this is what I would like to do.  As I recall it, I then proceeded to ask him how I could get the necessary forms to fill in, and he told me he did not have them with him at the time: but, that he would send them to me through the post the following day.

I would now ask you to note very carefully that, to date, I have not received the forms Mr Coey told me he would send to me (on May 1st 2002) for the purpose of applying for planning permission for the "problem" sign: and neither has my brother (according to what he has told me this morning).  Instead, and without any warning of any kind, I suddenly received your letter yesterday demanding that the sign be removed immediately.

Although I am not a lawyer, I do know that in some countries at least, capricious behaviour of the kind I have attempted to outline above can in certain circumstances be deemed unlawful: particularly if it is found that the main purpose of such behaviour might be to bully, and/or to intimidate and provoke.

When (on May 1st last), the matter of the "problem" sign was fully settled (for the time being on that particular day), I then asked Mr Coey - while he was in the area - if he could have a look at one of the illegal sewerage discharges going into the river which I have written to Galway County Council about on several occasions during the past few years. To my utter surprise and amazement, he very clearly indicated that he would be completely unwilling to do so under any circumstances.

According to the records I have in front of me just now, my last attempt at trying to get help from Galway County Council regarding the ongoing set of illegal sewage problems in New Inn was on April 10th 2001 - in a letter sent through the registered post addressed to: Mr Liam Gavin, Senior Executive Engineer, (Environment Section), Galway County Council, County Hall, Prospect Hill, Galway City.  The Post Office reference number for the registered letter in question is:  RR 2248 8476 5 IE.

On the day following Mr Coey's visit (that is May 2nd 2002), and for reasons that are still something of a huge mystery to me, I happened by chance to notice that two policemen were interviewing my brother inside his business premises.  A short while later, the policemen involved then invited me to give them a statement regarding Mr Coey's visit of the previous day; and, when one of them explained to me that I did not have to give them such a statement, I declined to say anything to them about the matter - which they both seemed to readily accept without any difficulty.  Shortly after the police had left, my brother told me that he had signed a statement which one of the policemen wrote out during his interview with them.  Although I did not see this statement, and knowing my brother as I do, I have no reason to believe that my brother's account to the police of what happened the day before during Mr Coey's visit would be anything other than accurate (to the very best of his ability).

With further reference to the police interview with my brother referred to in the paragraph above, I feel I should point out to you now that my brother, Mr Gerald Finnerty, and my half-sister Ms Marjorie Dolan (who often looks after our family business premises on her own), are both under the care of Western Health Board psychiatrist Dr. Anne Jeffers. Through no fault of their own, they have been subjected in the past to bouts of extreme psychological pressure (which occurred over a period of some 15 years or more possibly): which were directly connected with parental alcoholism.  To make matters far worse (in my view), and despite my very best efforts to have the situation corrected (which includes written communications with the Minister for Health Mr Michael Martin T.D.), neither my brother nor my half-sister have EVER received any psychiatric treatment (that I know of) which is specifically designed to help the victims of parental alcoholism. Instead, they continue to be treated (as far as I know) for "endogenous" depression - a term which I understand refers to forms of depression that originate within the brain for no know cause: which, in the case of my brother and half-sister constitutes a medical diagnosis that is totally false (as far as I am concerned).  I make this last statement as a person who has been receiving treatment on a continuous basis since 1975 for the psychological damage caused by parental alcoholism - treatment of the correct kind (as I see it), which does not involve the use of prescribed brain drugs of any kind - except for short periods in the early stages of treatment perhaps; when, as I know from my own direct experience, medical doctors may have to deal with extreme difficulties: such as their patient's suicidal thoughts and inclinations for instance. One very difficult family consequence of our present situation is that my brother and half-sister have now been on anti-depressant brain drugs for a continuous period of many years (40 years non-stop in the case of my half-sister).  I feel I should also inform you now that detailed research I have carried out privately during the past few years has left me in little doubt that it is in breach of Tort law in this country for psychiatrists to be knowingly giving wrong treatment of the kind which would make no sense to the general mass of the "non-medical" population of the Republic of Ireland: regardless of how successfully such psychiatrists might rationalise their own irresponsible behaviour (as I see it) amongst themselves.  I wish to also point out that when I eventually decided to try and have this ongoing family problem challenged in court here in the Republic of Ireland, I failed (completely) to find a lawyer willing to help me with the necessary work that doing so would involve. My efforts at finding a lawyer for this purpose included the sending of two registered letters addressed to: Mr Kenneth Murphy, Director General, The Law Society of Ireland, Blackhall Place, Dublin 7.  According to my records, the second of these two letters was posted on June 27th 2000.  To date, I have received no reply of any kind from Mr Kenneth Murphy (or from anybody connected with the Law Society of Ireland) to either of the two letters in question that I sent directly to him.

Before (and in case) Galway County Council suddenly decide to send any more people out to our family business premises here in New Inn, I would be very grateful if all of those involved could keep the contents of the paragraph immediately above in mind please.

The "problem" sign you refer to in your letter to me of June 12th 2002 contains the address of an Internet location (www.finnachta.com), and nothing else.  I reserved this name about a year ago with the intention of using it TO EARN A LIVING at some later date.  Given the opportunity, I would have reserved the name www.finnerty.com for our family business; but, when I tried to reserve that particular name I found that it had already been taken by somebody unknown to me who (as far as I can recall) lives somewhere in the United States.  In the circumstances, I then tried for the Celtic version of my family name (which is "Finnachta"), and found that was available.

While I fully accept that I might (unknown to myself) have accidentally done something wrong by putting up the www.finnachta.com sign outside our family business premises, it is not at all clear to me at the present time why that would be?   Please note that when Mr Coey called here on May 1st last he did not give any reason at all as to why the www.finnachta.com sign was a "problem" (as he referred to it) for Galway County Council.  Far more importantly (from my present viewpoint today), is the fact that your letter to me dated June 12th 2002 also gives no indication whatsoever as to why this commercial sign (located as it is outside a business premises which was established some 67 years ago) is such a "problem" for Galway County Council that it gets total and complete priority over the illegal sewage discharges that are entering the river (upstream from the local community water supply pumping system) just a mere 100 yards or so away from the sign itself ??? 

Further details (including photographs) of the above mentioned sewage problems in the middle of New Inn village can be seen at the following www page address:

Also, a photograph of the www.finnachta.com "problem" sign appears at the following www page address:

The "General Election" www page address immediately above also contains the following paragraph (for the purpose of attempting to explain why the "problem" sign was put up at the particular time that I put it in place):  "In an effort to try and get around what we see as corrupt media censorship of our efforts in the run-up to the election, a roadside sign has very recently been placed in the middle of New Inn village which enables members of the public to find the information on this page: regardless of traditional media outlets, and their ongoing efforts to keep this information hidden from voters."

Later today, I intend to send a printed (and signed) copy of this e-mail to you through the registered post addressed as follows:

Mr Tony Murphy (County Secretary)
Box No. 27
Galway County Council
Planning & Development Section
Arus an Chontae
Prospect Hill

Finally, I would like to STRESS that I remain entirely happy to apply for planning permission for the "problem" sign; and, assuming you feel it is still appropriate, I would be very grateful if you could arrange for the necessary application forms to be sent to me through the post please.

Yours sincerely,


Mr William Finnerty
"St Albans"
New Inn
County Galway.

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Printed (and signed) copies of the above e-mail were sent through the registered post on June 14th 2002 to the addresses shown on the scanned copies of the Post Office receipts shown in the section immediately below.

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