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Protected Monuments & Superdump Plans


Letter of October 26th 2000 to Prime Minister Ahern T.D.
(Copied to President McAleese)

Progress reports:  1  2  3  4 

For those who may experience difficulty reading the scanned version of the letter dated October 26th 2000 immediately below, the text of this letter is given in the section with the green background further down this page.

Scanned image of letter to Prime Minister Ahern

Scanned images of Post Office Registration Receipts


Mr. William Finnerty
"St Albans", New Inn,
Ballinasloe, Co. Galway.

October 26th 2000


Mr. Bertie Ahern T.D. (Prime Minister)
Office of the Taoiseach,
Government Buildings
Dublin 2.

Dear Prime Minister Ahern,


Following on from my letter to you of October 11th 2000 (copied to President McAleese) I have in the meantime looked further into the matter of the local Children’s Graveyard which some local people claim was removed by the Galway County Council - as mentioned on the Chaplefinnerty page of my web site. (A further copy of my web site address is attached to this letter. Also, Eircom now seem to have satisfactorily dealt with the slow access times to my web site.)

Site 93 on Sheet 86 of the set of maps showing County Galway Protected Monuments is shown as a "Children’s Burial Ground" in the New Inn area of East County Galway. A copy of this set of maps is on display in the reference section of the main public library in Galway City, and Sheet 86 has the date 1947 written on it.

I have in the meantime looked in the actual area where Site 93 is supposed to be, and all I could find there was the remnants of a rubbish dump which I understand was operated by the Galway County Council for a period of 18 years or so between 1971 and 1989.

Site 93 is also mentioned under reference number 3732 on pages 368 and 527 of the book entitled "Archaeological Inventory of County Galway (Volume II)" - which was published in 1999 by the Government Stationary Office in Molesworth Street, Dublin 2. With reference to Site 93, this Government publication contains the following statement: "As the entire area has been quarried out, no visible surface trace survives." (Although this statement does not say who quarried out the site, there appears to be no doubt whatsoever that it was the Galway County Council who did it.)

Assuming it was the Galway County Council who quarried out Site 93, three main questions seem to arise:
1) Did they do so legally?
2) If not, and now that the matter has been brought to your attention, will Galway County Council be challenged publicly in a Court of Law by the appropriate Government Department regarding the unlawful destruction of a "Protected Monument" ?
3) What did Galway County Council do with the human remains which were buried at Site 93 ? (In connection with this final question, please note that my family is just one of several who have lived in the New Inn area for an unknown number of generations, and it seems very likely that some of those buried in Site 93 would have been relatives.)

With regard to time-scales for dealing with the above three questions, please note that major road works in the Cross area of New Inn (in recent weeks) suggest that Galway County Council may have already decided on the Cross site (just 2 miles from the world famous Turoe Stone) as the location for the new superdump: which, according to some reports, may be built large enough to serve the whole Province of Connacht.

It would be much appreciated if you and President McAleese could acknowledge receipt of this letter within 14 days, and in a way which leaves no doubt that you both are personally aware of the contents of this letter. (Please note that I have not received any response at all from President McAleese to my letter of October 11th 2000 to her - which seems very strange to me: allowing for what I related regarding the serious damage caused to the Cairn at Alloon by Galway County Council.)

Yours sincerely,


Mr. William Patrick Finnerty.

COPIES (via registered post) TO:

President Mary McAleese
Minister for Justice (Mr John O’ Donoghue T.D.)
Minister for Health (Mr MicheŠl Martin T.D.)
Chief Executive Officer of Eircom.


Progress Report 1
(Others: 1  2  3  4 )

Notes added on November 5th 2000:

  1. Written replies have now been received (to the above letter of October 26th 2000) from Prime Minister Ahern's Office, and from President McAleese's Office. 

  2. There has also been a written reply from the Office of the Minister for Justice.

  3. The three replies in question are dated November 2nd 2000 (Prime Minister), October 31st 2000 (President), and November 1st 2000 (Minister for Justice).

  4. At a later date (and subject to the time being available to us), it is our intention to place scanned copies of the three replies mentioned above onto this web site.

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Progress Report 2
1  2  3  4 )

Notes added on November 12th 2000:

  1. A written reply (to the above letter of October 26th 2000) has been received from the Minister for Health and Children Mr MicheŠl Martin dated November 6th 2000. This is much appreciated.

  2. Copies of the above letter of October 26th 2000 have now been taken to the homes of two members of the New Inn Anti-Superdump Committee, and free copies have also been made available for members of the public at Finnerty's Shop (New Inn).

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Progress Report 3
1  2  3  4 )

Notes added on November 25th 2000:

  1. A copy of the response from Prime Minister Ahern to the above letter  has now been added to this site. Please click November 2nd 2000 to view his response.

  2. A small error has been noticed in paragraph 2 of the above letter: the date "1947" should read "1948".

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Progress Report 4
1  2  3  4 )

Note added on December 17th 2000:

An Email reminder was sent regarding the above matters on November 30th 2000 to the Minister for Local Government & Environment (Mr Noel Dempsey T.D.).  This email was copied to all 15 Government Ministers, and to President McAleese.

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turoe_f1.jpg (82819 bytes)

Part of handout slip used at
November 21st 1999 Protest Walk

To: Media & Politicians

The site earmarked for SUPERDUMP at CROSS is in the middle of a cluster of ancient Celtic monuments surrounding the world famous TUROE STONE: which is arguably the most important piece of pre-Christian Celtic stone art in existence. (The Turoe Stone itself is just 2 miles from Cross.)

The Turoe Stone

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