Dear Mr Murphy,
Thank you for your letter dated July 31st 2002 regarding the planning application for the sign (containing an Internet address) I put up at my brother's business premises on April 13th 2002 (in the run-up to the last General Election).  The background information can be viewed at the following www page location:
A photograph of the "Internet address" sign can be seen at www page address:

I have now looked through your Application Form and I am going to need some guidance to fill it in please - as set out below:
Section 1 of Application Form: 
Unless advised otherwise, I will assume that I need to tick B (Permission for Retention).
Section 2. (b): 
I am a self-employed person who is at present taking an extended period of time off work for the purpose of trying to protect my personal interests from what I have come to view as State corruption. Unless advised otherwise, I will assume it is okay to enter "Self-employed" in this section.
Section 10: 
I am not sure how to answer this section?
Section 13:
I am not sure how to answer this section?
Section 17:
I am not sure about when I have to place the Newspaper Notice?
Section 18:
I am not sure when I have to erect the Site Notice?
Section 19:
I do not know what the size of the Fee referred to is?
Since receiving your letter dated July 31st 2002, I was involved in a wheel-clamping incident in Galway City which involves two signs (on public display) that are a complete mystery to me at the present time. The background information to the incident (on August 1st 2002) can be seen at the following www page address:
Photographs relating to the signs in question can be seen at the following www page address:
As I will be taking legal action for damages regarding the wheel-clamping incident, I would be very grateful if you could let me know if any planning permission has been granted by Galway County Council / Corporation for either of the two signs shown in the photographs marked 2 and 3 at the www page address immediately above?  If so, I would be very grateful if you could let me have the planning permission reference details (in writing please, and WITHIN THE COMING 14 DAYS) for both of the two signs in question? 
I feel I should make it clear that I am VERY concerned by the way that the law regarding planning permission for signs is (possibly ?) being applied by Galway County Council in a such a way that some person (or group, or company ?) is being treated as thought they were above the law. (Assuming that the contents of the " /clamping_email " www page address referred to above have been read, I believe it should be fairly obvious to most people why I feel that way.)
Mr. William Finnerty
"St Albans"
New Inn
County Galway
PS:  I intend to send a printed and signed copy of this e-mail to you through the registered post later today.

A signed printed copy of the above e-mail was sent through the registered post
on August 13th 2002 to the address shown on the Post Office receipt above.
Post Office
Internet tracking service for registered letters



Mr Tony Murphy






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