a2z beanie babies

    News flash

Batty, Chip, Gobbles, Hissy, Iggy, Mel, Nanook, Pouch, Pounce,  Prance, Pugsly, Rainbow,  Smoochy, Spunky, Stretch, Strut.

New Mystic is Awesome!! 
The New Mystic has a rainbow colored mane and tail!! 
This has been the fourth variation of Mystic since her
release in 1994. 

New Tush Tags are found on all the New Beanies!!
This new tush tag can be found on all the new Beanies!! 
The tag actually has a hologram which Ty, Inc. is 
hoping will hinder the efforts of Beanie Counterfeiters!! 
Look for the new tush tag on all of your favorite Beanies!!

New Batty!!
The "New" Batty is here and he is great!!  He is made 
exactly the same as the Old Batty, except he has black
hands, feet, ears and nose, and he is made of a crazy 
tye-dyed fabric!!  The tye-dyed fabric contains all dark
colors (unlike Iggy) with shades of blue, purple, green
and black.  He certainly is different than the Old Batty,
so be looking for him in a store near you!!

TY misspells Millennium!!

Like hundreds of companies TY has made the mistake 
of spelling Millennium with only 1 N on the new 
"Millenium Bear". The BIG Question is will this be 
corrected ? If it is corrected how quickly will it be
done. What will the value be of the 1st issue ones ?
No one knows what TY will do so stay tuned.
I will post any information as soon as I know !!!