a2z beanie babies


Since the later half of 1997 Beanie Babies have grown from a toy to the worlds hottest collectable. Ty Inc. began producing them in 1994 and initially 9 were produced  (Chocolate the Moose, Cubbie the Bear,  Flash the Dolphin, Legs the Frog, Patti the platypus, Pinchers the Lobster. 
There appeal is obvious to see, they are fun, and each has its own name and birth date. They were initially sold in speciality shops, so  initial production was not high. This together with the fact that Ty are constantly retiring and bringing in new Beanie Babies has led to great interest in the early toys. Certain early retied Beanie Babies are fetching  considerable sums on the secondary market. The market is very volatile with even newly retired Beanies fetching high prices. The bears are the most popular and there is lots of interest in the Beanies that are country specific such as Britannia and Maple. The demand is such that many of the toys are being sold never actually reach the shop shelves. 
iTy Inc. was founded
by H. Ty Warner, who began the business in 1986 after having worked for a stuffed - animal maunfacturer. There have now been well over 100 Beanie  Babies produced ranging from Hoot the Owl, to Seamore the Seal, and to Bessie the cow.

A lot of new collectors have been attracted to the net with the setting up of an Official
Beanie Babies Club, demand and interest looks set to continue.