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since 27th June 1997

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Leixlip is a town in north Kildare, Ireland. It is about 12 miles from Dublin city. The Leixlip Theatre Group was formed in 1974. The group has seen many changes over the years but still manages to provide first rate entertainment to the people of Leixlip. The group stages two productions a year, in the Spring and Autumn. We also present the increasingly popular 'Theatrical Pub Crawl' every June.

Unfortunately, Leixlip does not have a proper theatre so most of our performances take place in the function room of The Springfield Hotel in Leixlip. The group are indebted to the Hannigan family for their continued support in providing performance and rehearsal facilities.

The lack of a proper theatre does however present enormous problems in the mounting of a production. Firstly, the group has to build it's own stage and erect it's own stage lighting before the set can be built. The stage, scenery, props, and lights have to be transported to the venue and erected within an 8 - 10 hour period in order to give us time for a dress rehearsal. Normally, our plays run for four nights (Monday - Thursday) and within minutes of the final curtain on the final night, the process is reversed and everything has to be dismantled and stored. We live in hope that one day Leixlip will have a theatre.

Over the years, the group have participated in many Drama festivals and have successfully qualified for the All Ireland finals on numerous occasions. The group have not been as active on the festival front in latter years. We have tended to limit ourselves to the one-act festivals in which we have enjoyed some success. In 1996, the group qualified for the All Ireland one-act finals with Tom Byrne's production of 'Private Wars' by James McClure. Theatrical Pub Crawl

For the past six years, Leixlip has held it's annual festival - the Salmon Festival. This festival takes place in early June and the Theatre Group have contributed considerably to the success of the festival by staging the now famous 'Theatrical Pub Crawl'. The idea is simple. We choose four one-act plays and we perform one play in each of four chosen pubs in the town. The plays are presented consecutively and the audience follows the actors from pub to pub. The plays are presented in the early evening and admittance is free. The crawl has become a very entertaining and popular event. Because of the large numbers attracted by the crawl, the emphasis is on comedy and in latter years it has offered a platform for budding writers in the group to pen their own material.

Past Productions
1999 Romeo and JulietWilliam Shakespeare
1999A LifeHugh Leonard
1998The FieldJohn B. Keane
1998BirdbathLeonard Melfi
1998I do not like thee, Dr. Fell Bernard Farrell
1997Baggage Rebecca Roper
1997 Geography of a Horse Dreamer Sam Shepard
1997 One for the RoadWilly Russell
1997 SiveJohn B. Keane
1996 Private Wars James McClure
1996 Bar and Ger Geraldine Aaron
1996 Shadow of a Gunman Sean O' Casey
1995 Snow Angel Lewis John Carlino
1995 Year of the Hiker John B. Keane
1994 Shadow of the Glen J. M. Synge
1994 After Magritte Tom Stoppard
1994 Poison and PetrificationG. B. Shaw
1994 True West Sam Shepard
1993 Summer Hugh Leonard
1993 The Plough and the StarsSean O' Casey
1992 Stags and Hens Willy Russell
1992 The Silver Dollar Boys Neil Donnelly
1991 Our TownThornton Wilder
1991 Juno and the Paycock Sean O' Casey
1990 Woman in Mind Alan Ayckbourn
1990 The Risen PeopleJames Plunkett
1990 All in Favour Said No Bernard Farrell
1989 Da Hugh Leonard
1987 Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckbourn
1987 Hedda GablerHenrik Ibsen
1986 Mary BarnesDavid Edgar
1986 There has to be a Reason (Access TV)
1985 Juno and the Paycock Sean O' Casey
1984 Habeus Corpus Alan Bennett
1984 After Magritte Tom Stoppard
1984 Bedtime Story Sean O' Casey
1984 The Cat and the Moon W. B. Yeats
1983 The Fire RaisersMax Frisch
1983 One Seasons KingGeorge McEwan-Green
1983 Table Manners Alan Ayckbourn
1982 The Patrick Pearse MotelHugh Leonard
1982 Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are DeadTom Stoppard
1981 The Plough and the StarsSean O' Casey
1981 ConfusionsAlan Ayckbourn
1980 The HostageBrendan Behan
1980 My Wifes Family
1979 The Real Inspector HoundTom Stoppard
1979 LoversBrian Friel
1979 Saturday Night WomenMichael Judge
1978 LLoyd George Knew my Father
1978 The Poker SessionHugh Leonard
1978 Philadelphia, Here I ComeBrian Friel
1977 Ernies Incredible IllucinationsAlan Ayckbourn
1977 Habeus Corpus Alan Bennett
1977 Ashling
1976 Many Young Men of TwentyJohn B. Keane
1976 The WillEamonn Olwill
1975 The Dear Departed
1975 The Bald Prima DonnaEugene Ionesco
1974 On Trial

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