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Welcome to the Black and White Brewery site, I am Eoin Burke; this is my homebrew site. The site is mostly about how I brew and the equipment and gadgets I use. Also included is how to make some of the equipment that is used.

I began making beer in 1993, I initially used malt extract, and made some reasonable beers but in 1995 I started to use the raw ingredients (barley, hops, etc) This method is certainly more time consuming but much more rewarding.

In my opinion brewing is more an art than a science. My methods are not always strictly in accordance with the reinheitsgebot, I don't mind cheating a bit. I don't think it would be as much fun if we always followed the rules.

To me quality is more important than meeting the requirements of a particular style. All my beers are Ales I haven't brewed Lagers for a few years now. I brew only single infusion mashes as the modern malts are of a high quality, I believe the advantages to be gained from stepped or decoction mashing are not worth the hassle.

Unfortunately getting equipment in Ireland is very difficult, so I make the majority of it myself; this is what I enjoy most. I can spend hours in the shed tinkering around oblivious to the world.

This site was intended to be enjoyed by anyone who is interested in making beer whether amateur or expert. I would love to here from anyone who has any comment to make about it, good, bad or indifferent. If you would like to e-mail me to send your thoughts on anything you would like to be include (or indeed excluded) in further updates please do so.

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