Because equipment is difficult to get in Ireland I have had to make most of mine and learned a lot in the process, I enjoy making things as much as brewing . The first really useful thing I made was the shed, it was black and white so I called it the "blackwhite brewery" ½ is the brewery the other ½ is a workshop, I spend equal amounts of time in each. If you are any good at DIY (Do It Yourself) you can make good brewing equipment.

Brewing enclosure Cooling coils
Picture of a brewing enclosure Picture of Cooling Coils.
Counter pressure bottler Grain crusher
A piece of equipment used to add pressure to bottled beer. A peice of equipment use to crush the grain.
Keg & gas Boiler
Picture of the kedged beer. Picture of the inside of a boiler showing the element.
Keg shaker Mash tun
Picture of a piece of equipment used infuse the carbondioxied with the beer in the keg. Picture of the Mash Tun, used mashing of the beer.
Hot Liquor Tank
Picture of the Hot liqior Tank.

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