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RHUBARB WINE (strong & sweet)

This recipe is for 1 imp. gallon.(4.5 liters).

5lb(2.27Kg) rhubarb.
3lb(1.36kg) white sugar.
High alcohol tolerant yeast.
Water to 1 gallon

The rhubarb should be washed, chopped (1/2 inch lumps) 
and frozen.This will break up the cells allowing for easier
and better juice extraction.It also means you can pick the
rhubarb as it becomes ripe and can make the wine when
ever you like.

Put the frozen rhubarb in a sterilised bucket (one you can 
seal, cling film is handy for this),mix 2lb(908grammes) of
the sugar with it, seal the bucket and leave for 2 days at a
temperature of 20-25C.

Then add the yeast and give it a stir, leave it for 7-10 days, stirring daily.

Next you have to get rid of the solids and keep the juice, 
you will have to use your initiative for this, a net curtain
(sterilised) can be used. It can be a bit messy.
Put the juice in a 1 gallon container with an airlock add the
rest of the sugar and add water to one gallon (the water you
add must be at the same temperature as the juice, otherwise
the change in temperature may kill the yeast).

Leave at a temperature of 20-25C until the water in the airlock 
stops bloping (this may take a few months, the only
ingredient I didn't mention earlier is patients).

When there is no gas coming through the airlock put the wine 
in a cold place until it clears. When the wine is clear you
can drink it (bottling is recommended).You can age the
wine if you like this wine will improve with age, but I always
say "if it tastes good drink it".

Any questions about this contact  me



I made this beer for drinking in the sun in large quantities at Barbecue's and the like. So far it has gone down well.

Brew No. 89
Date brewed : 3rd May 1999
O.G.: 1035
F.G.: 1010
Abv.: 3.3%
Volume made : 13imp gallons(15.6 US gal)(59 Liters)
I.B.U.: 30
Total grain used : 11Kg(24.3 lb.)
Wheat malt : 5.5Kg(12.15lb.)
Lager malt : 5.5Kg(12.15lb.)
Water : Soft no adjustment
Bittering hops : 100g(3.5oz.) Hallertauer
Aroma hops : None
Irish moss : 16g(0.6oz) 10 min.
Hot liquor temp.: 75 C(167 F)
Hot liquor volume : 6.4 imp. Gallons(7.7 US gal.)(29 Liters)
Mash temp.: 65-66 C(149-151 F)
Mash time : 90min.
Boil time : 90min.
Yeast : 25g(1oz.) Dried yeast
Pitching temp.: 21 C(70 F)
Fermentation temp.:13-15 C(55-59 F)
Fermentation time : 33 days
Clearing time : 1 day(I was in a hurry for beer)
All drank now it was nice I must make more

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