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In 1983 AD a group of people gathered in the back room of a public house in Tallaght, in the county of Dublin, with a view to forming a club to promote the making of wines and beers.

The result of this meeting lead to the formation of what is now known as the Dublin South West Wine and Beer Making Society. In Dublin home-wine making circles it is simple known as the Dublin South West Society.

In the initial stages the club generated great interest and the membership steadily increased. However after this initial burst of enthusiasm the core membership levels settled to between 25 and 30.

While the public house was supportive of the club (it also sold home brewing supplies in it's off licence) it decided that customers drinking their own "BREW" on their premises was not acceptable. The club was politely asked to move.

A new venue was found and the club carried on. After many years and several further moves the club now rents a hall adjacent to the public house where it all started. The public house is now frequented for "apres" meeting consultation.

The membership level still fluctuates but the club now has a consistent membership of approximately 18 enthusiastic souls who are devoted to the belief that drinking good brew and having the "craic" make life all that much more enjoyable.

The club has had many successes over the years and has achieved many awards, notably in the beer classes at the National Competition, run by the Dublin Home Wine Society.

The club has a varied agenda dealing with all aspects of wine and beer making.

Specialist nights range from, mulled wine to keep out the winter chill, to summer drinks and elderberry champagne to quench the heat of summer.

Cooking with wines and beers is also extensively covered.

Several "TOURS" are arranged each year which may involve a visit to a hop farm or a micro brewery followed by much discussion over a "few scoops".

Commercial wine companies are invited to club meetings to discuss different wines of the world.

After all these years the club is flourishing and long may it continue.

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