Body & Mind

    Active Imagination (Carl G. Jung)
    Adlerian Therapy
    Analytical Body Psychotherapy (Sander Kirsch, Jacques Berliner)
    Animal Assisted Therapy
    Arica™ (Oscar Ichazo)
    Art Therapy
    Assertiveness Training
    Authentic Movement (Mary S. Whitehouse)
    Auto-Suggestion (Emile Coué)
    Autogenic Training (Shultz J.H.)
    Behavior Therapy
    Benenzon Music Therapy (Rolando Benenzon)
    Benign Regression (Michael Balint)
    Biodanza (Rolando Toro)
    Biodynamic Psychotherapy (Gerda Boyesen)
    Bioenergetics (Alexander Lowen)
    Bioenergetics, Gentle (Eva Reich)
    Biosynthesis (David Boadella)
    Biofeedback (Neurofeedback)
    Body (Psycho) Therapy:
    » Analytical Body Psychotherapy
    » Biodynamic Psychotherapy
    » Bioenergetics
    » Biosynthesis
    » Bodynamics
    » Chiron Approach
    » Core Energetics
    » Downing, George
    » Dreambody Process Work
    » Energy Stream
    » Hakomi Therapy
    » Neurodynamic Psychotherapy
    » Organismic Psychotherapy
    » Psychiatric Orgone Therapy
    » Pulsation Energy Bodywork
    » Radix
    » Reichian Psychotherapy
    » Somatic Process Work
    » Somatic Experiencing™
    » Somatic Trauma Therapy
    » Unitive Psychology

    Bodynamics (Lisbeth Marcher)
    Breathwork /Breath Therapy
    » Conscious Connected Breathing
    » Holotropic Breathwork
    » Rebirthing
    » Transformational Breathing
    » Vivation

    Brief Solution Focused Therapy
    Casriel Scream Therapy (Daniel Casriel)
    Chiron Approach, The (Bernd Eiden, Jochen Lude, Rainer Pervöltz , Kristiane Preisinger, Jochen Encke, Rita Maag, Mike Eales)
    Client-Centered Psychotherapy (Carl Rogers)
    Clown Therapy
    Co-Counselling (Harvey Jackins)
    Cognitive-Analytic Therapy (CAT)
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
    Cognitive Therapy
    Conscious Connected Breathing
    Core Belief Engineering
    Core Counselling(Core Counseling)
    Core Energetics (John Pierrakos)
    Coueism (Coue Emile)
    Counselling (Counseling)
    Creative Music Therapy (Paul Nordoff, Clive Robbins)
    Dance Movement Therapy
    » Janet Adler
    » Authentic Movement
    » Irmgard Bartenieff
    » Marian Chace
    » Joan Chodorow
    » Rudolf Laban
    » Frank Natale
    » Paul Newham
    » Gabrielle Roth
    » Trudi Schoop
    » Rolando Toro Biodanza
    » Mary Starks Whitehouse

    Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)
    Downing, George
    Dreambody Process Work (Arnold Mindell)
    Drama Therapy (Jacob Moreno)
    EMDR (Francine Shapiro)
    Emotional Expression (Jalenque)
    Enlightenment Intensive (Charles Berner)
    Encounter Group
    Ericksonian Hypnotherapy (Milton Erickson)
    Existential Psychotherapy
    Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
    Family Constellations (Bert Hellinger)
    Fisher-Hoffman Process (Hoffman Process)
    Focal Psychodynamic Therapy
    Gestalt Therapy (Fritz Perls)
    Group Therapy / Psychotherapy
    Guided Imagery
    Guided Imagery and Music (Helen Bonny)
    Hakomi Therapy
    Hellinger Approach, the
    Hoffman Process
    Holotropic Breathwork (Stanislav Grof)
    Humanistic Psychotherapy
    Hypnosis/ Hypnotherapy (Erickson)
    Ichazo Oscar (Arica™)
    Identity Therapy (Daniel Casriel)
    Imagery, Guided
    Infantile Analisys (Melanie Klein)
    Jodorowsky Alejandro (Alessandro)
    Jungian Psychotherapy (Carl Gustav Jung)
    » Active Imagination
    » Janet Adler
    » Authentic Movement
    » Mary S. Whitehouse
    Laughter Therapy
    Motivation Therapy
    Multimodal therapy
    Music Therapy
    » Rolando Benenzon
    » Helen Bonny
    » Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy

    Narrative Therapy
    Natale Frank (Trance Dance)
    Neo-Reichian Bodywork:
    » Biodynamic Psychotherapy
    » Bioenergetics
    » Core Energetics
    » Hakomi Therapy
    » Neurodynamic Psychotherapy
    » Organismic Psychotherapy
    » Psychiatric Orgone Therapy
    » Pulsation Energy Bodywork
    » Radix
    » Systemic Integration

    Neurodynamic Psychotherapy (Haldane, Xavier)
    Neurofeedback (Biofeedback)
    NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
    Neuro-Physiological Psychology
    New Identity Process (Daniel Casriel)
    Object Relations Psychotherapy (Vin Gomez)
    Organismic Psychotherapy (Brown Malcolm)
    Orgone Therapy/ Orgonomic Psychotherapy
    Personal Construct Therapy
    Play Therapy
    Positive Thinking
    Pre and Perinatal Therapy /Psychology
    Primal Integration (Bill Swartley, Michael Broder, Frank Lake)
    Primal Therapy (Arthur Janov)
    PRMT Psycho-muscular Release Therapy (Blithe Peter)
    Progressive Relaxation Training (PRT)
    Psychiatric Orgone Therapy
    Psychocybernetics (Maxwell Maltz)
    Psychodrama (Jacob Moreno)
    Psychomagic (Alejandro Jodorowsky)
    Psychophony (Tomatis Sound Therapy)
    Psychosocial Therapy (Erikson)
    Psychosomatic Medicine
    Psychosynthesis (Roberto Assagioli)
    Pulsation Energy Bodywork
    Radix™ Body-Centered Therapy (Charles Kelley)
    Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT)
    Re-Evaluation Counseling (Harvey Jackins)
    Reality Therapy (William Glasser)
    Rebirthing (Leonard Orr)
    Reciprocal-Counselling (Harvey Jackins)
    Regression Therapy
    Reichian Psychotherapy (Wilhelm Reich)
    Relaxation Training (Caycedo, Erickson)
    Rogerian Therapy (Carl Rogers)
    Rosen Method
    Rubenfeld Synergy
    Scream Therapy (Daniel Casriel)
    Self-Esteem Training /Therapy
    Sensitivity Training (Bradford Leland)
    Shen Therapy, Richard Pavek's (Specific Human Energy Nexus)
    Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (Pat Ogden, Kekuni Minton)
    Sensory Awareness (Charlotte Selver)
    Sex Therapy
    Singing & Chanting (Chloe Goodchild)
    Social Learning (Albert Bandura)
    Solution-Focused Brief Therapy
    Solution-Oriented Hypnosis (Erickson Hypnotherapy)
    Somatic Experiencing™ ((Peter Levine)
    Somatic Process Work (Stanley Keleman)
    Somatic Trauma Therapy (Babette Rothschild)
    Somatosynthesis (Clyde W. Ford)
    Somatotropic Therapy (David Jones, William Emerson)
    Sound Therapy
    Systemic Integration (R. Cascone)
    Systemic Integrative Psychotherapy
    T-Group Training (Bradford Leland)
    Thought Field Therapy - TFT (Roger Callahan)
    Tomatis Method (Alfred Tomatis)
    Trance Dance (Frank Natale)
    Transformational Breathing
    Transformative Dreamwork (Maggie Peters)
    Transactional Analysis (Eric Berne)
    Transpersonal Therapy/ Psychology (Abraham H. Maslow)
    Trauma Therapy /Healing
    Unitive Psychology (Jay Stattman)
    Vegetotherapy (Wilhelm Reich)
    Visualization Technique (Carl Simonton)
    Vivation (Jim Leonard)
    Voice Movement Therapy (Paul Newham)
    Voice Therapy
    » Maria Coleman Jutasi
    » Chloe Goodchild
    » Paul Newham

    Work Therapy
    Zen Therapy /Psychotherapy


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