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Books about
Biodynamic Psychotherapy and Massage

  1. The Biodynamic Philosophy and Treatment of Psychosomatic Conditions: Volume 1 (2000)
  2. The Biodynamic Philosophy and Treatment of Psychosomatic Conditions: Volume 2 (2000)
  3. An Introduction to Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy
  4. Critical Dictionary of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy

The Biodynamic Philosophy and Treatment of Psychosomatic Conditions (Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy vol 1)GERDA BOYESEN INSTITUTE's Logo
by Peg Nunneley

Paperback: 159 pages (1 May, 2000)
Peter Lang Publishing;
ISBN: 3906763161 ( - 0820446084 ( Price - Quick Click Buying

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Book Description
This book covers a range of human conditions. It discusses biodynamic theories and methods, and the psychological and psychoanalytic concepts that are at the heart of this distinctive approach. These writings were originally intended for students and practitioners. Some of the writings are the result of questions asked about psychosomatic conditions and how they can be treated biodynamically. The biodynamic philosophy has been applied to idiopathic disorders commonly encountered including migraine, lower back pain, the broken coccyx, Parkinsons syndrome and angina. Several case studies and some modern understanding of ancient and esoteric philosophies is included, and in a remarkably refreshing and humorous presentation of biodynamic theory we are asked 'Or would you rather be a cat?'

Volume One presents an in depth discussion of the philosophy and treatment of psychosomatic disorders including the Parkinson's syndrome, angina, lower back pain and the broken coccyx . It contains important hypotheses concerning the relationship between abdominal pain and tension and chest conditions and outlines the biodynamic facilitating attitude of communication, intention and paying attention. Biodynamic methods introduced includ e specific instruction in the ileo-caecal valve treatment, opening the shoulder girdle to liberate energy in the diaphragm an a general discussion on the applications of the biodynamic approach and its basis in psychoanalytical concepts. Peg also presents and discusses her views on the esoteric function of the cerebro-spinal fluid [CSF] and its relationship to the ancient eastern concept of Kundalini. In addition the principle of " Psycho-Peristalsis" is introduced and referred to throughout the texts and case studies, and in a remarkably refreshing and humourous presentation of the fundamental aspects of biodynamic theory - we are asked "Or would you rather be a cat?.


The Biodynamic Philosophy and Treatment of Psychosomatic Conditions (Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy vol 2)GERDA BOYESEN INSTITUTE's Logo
by Peg Nunneley

Paperback: 142 pages (30 August, 2000)
Peter Lang Publishing; ISBN: 390676317X

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This book continues to discuss the philosophy and techniques of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy as introduced in Volume One. The second volume considers the biodynamic treatments of depressive states and the fluid factor in migraine. Other chapters introduce the biodynamic understanding of the molecular basis of communication between cells. Two important biodynamic methods are described in depth the pulsatory touch technique and the energy distribution massage technique, both used in the treatment of psychosomatic disorders. The book concludes with a a socio-biodynamic perspective of the importance of the triangle of mother, father and child - "In the beginning there was love".

This model outlines a constructive approach to the understanding and dynamic management of the cognitive changes needed to facilitate evolution of the life processes of the mother, father and child at their different mutual times of growth. It outlines the essential building blocks that life itself needs for this intrinsic unit to be supported, without prejudice to feminist, religious, cultural, environmental, political or economic considerations. This volume also includes case histories.

About the Author
Peg Nunneley was born in 1917 of Welsh parentage. She qualified as a State Registered Nurse with Orthopaedic training at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in Shropshire. She also graduated in Psychology from Manchester University and for several years was an Educational Psychologist attached to a psychoanalytically orientated Child-Guidance Clinic in the Greater Manchester area. This collection of writings by Mrs Nunneley, now in her eighties, reflects nearly thirty years further research, teaching and practice in biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy and her lectures and writings are classic texts in this field. Peg Nunneley's approach and work is renowned for its understanding of the psychology and biology of health, psychopathology and psychosomatic medicine and as a hallmark for best biodynamic practice to bring relief from the symptoms of physical and nervous diseases.


An Introduction to Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy
by Gerda Boyesen

Book Description
This book presents the history , background and development of the field, and defines the biodynamic theory of mind and human development. It presents the main theories, concepts, methods and principles of biodynamic psychology with definitions of the biodynamic massage methods, vegetotherapy, psycho-postural treatment and biodynamic psychotherapy.

It defines the history of the field and outlines the common psychological theoretical approaches which inform the biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy view of body, mind, emotions and soul/spirit. It presents the development of the field in the context of transcultural, socio-economic, environmental and ethical/legal issues.

It outlines essential biodynamic philosophy and theories of knowledge and the biodynamic definition of libido and life energy


Critical Dictionary of Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy

Book Description
This book defines the vocabulary, language and glossary of terms used in the field of biodynamic psychology and psychotherapy within a broad psychological context and within their specific biodynamic usage.


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