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Books about
Core Energetics

  1. Core Energetics: Developing the Capacity to Love and Heal (1990)
  2. Eros, Love & Sexuality: The Forces That Unify Man & Woman (1997)

Core Energetics: Developing the Capacity to Love and Heal
by John C. Pierrakos

Paperback: 300 pages (March 1, 1990)
LifeRhythm; ISBN: 0940795086 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Book Description
This book is a classic text on Core Energetics, a body/mind/spirit therapeutic process developed by John C. Pierrakos MD. It stems from the work of Wilhelm Reich and Bioenergetics, but with a deepening spiritual component. The focus of the book is to open the "Core" to a new awareness of how body, emotions, mind, will and spirit form a unit.

A scholarly text, the author explains in full psychological detail his theory and therapy. The result is a masterpiece of body/mind holistic thinking.


AHP Perspective (Association of Humanistic Psychology)
This is a definitive book on somatic therapy.... Pierrakos worked for twenty years on energy mobilization to release the body of chronic muscular tensions, drawing on the Reichian and Bioenergetic systems....this book adds a spiritual dimension to the work.

Pierrakos emphasizes that the ultimate goal of Core Energetics is learning how to activate the human core, the spirit or higher self of each human being... Energetically, movements from the core make contact and unify us with the outside world. Our deepest connection with the universe derives from the core. Our intuitive self and somatic genius reside within the core. Pierrakos calls it the "sun of life".... Core Energetic work is unique among the somatic therapies...the author's passion as a healer and teacher, his compassion for the suffering person, his enormous capacity to give; these are evident in reading his book. He truly is a spokesperson for the human core.

Barbara Brennan, author of Hands of Light
Core Energetics unifies all human aspects of physical, emotional, rational and spiritual into a powerful system to understand ourselves

About the Author
John C. Pierrakos MD is a psychiatrist, body-therapist and a much honored authority on consciousness and human energy fields. He began is work as a student and colleague of Wilhelm Reich, then as a co-founder of Bioenergetics and finally as the founder of the Institute of Core Energetics in New York City. He still maintains a private practice, lectures and teaches all over the world. He is the author of Core Energetics and Eros, Love & Sexuality.

Dr. Pierrakos is considered one of the great founders of body/mind therapy that has changed psychotherapy in the last fifty years.

Table of Contents
The Essential Unity; the Basis of Core Energetics
The Energetic Foundations
The Innermost Reality: The Core
Eastern Theories of Human Energy
Western Human Energy Theory
Modern Human Energy Theory
Observations of the Energy Field
The Phenomena of the Aura
The Sources of Dysfunction
Patterns of Denial
The Origins of Dysfunction
Creative Aspects of the Ego
The Dynamics of Pain; It's Nature & Origin
The Attachment to Pain
The Anatomy of Evil
Aggression in Men and Woman
Aggression in the Upper Body
The Case of the Broken Heart
From Distortion to Self-Truth
The Four Stages of the Work
Core to Core: Group Therapy
The Forces of Love, Eros, and Sexuality
The Birth of a New Age
Toward A Holistic Synthesis; the Fusion of Energy & Consciousness

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Eros, Love & Sexuality: The Forces That Unify Man & Woman
by John C. Pierrakos

Hardcover: 124 pages (September 1, 1997)
LifeRhythm; ISBN: 0940795051 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Book Description
This book discusses the three great aspects of the life force: eros, love and sexuality. The free flow of these aspects if our greatest source of pleasure. When we stay open, we experience these aspects as the one life force that generates all activity, all creativity. The author founded the therapeutic work of Core Energetics which seeks to integrate the higher dimensions of the psyche into our physical existence.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Principles of Core Energetics
Chapter 2 Defenses
Chapter 3 Sexuality
Chapter 4 Eros
Chapter 5 Man and Woman
Chapter 6 Love
Chapter 7 An Experience of Core Energetics
Chapter 8 A Brief Autobiography


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