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RADIX Publications

The Radix Reader
1999, 335pp,

Some of the richness of the Radix approach is conveyed by this volume both in the theoretical and clinical realms. The volume is intended for professionals or for those who wish to explore Radix in greater depth.

The publication contains 20 chapters within six broad categories and has an extensive bibliography:
Introduction and History
Narelle McKenzie - Our Eyes
William Thrash - An Introduction to Radix Education
Werner Pitzal - The Radix Approach: A brief Description
Rudolf Muller-Schwefe - Roots of Radix
Basic Concepts
Lilian Davis - Introduction to Basic Concepts
Rudolf Muller-Schwefe - Pulsation
Lilian Davis - Integration
Linda & Austin Glenn - An Adaptation Model of Ego
Character and the Way of Working
Joel Isaacs - Anger Blocked by Fear
Will Davis - An Introduction to Instroke
Stephen Atkinson - The Journey from Symbiosis to Differentiation
Development and Radix work
Mark Ludwig - Swimming in a Human Sea
Werner Pitzal - Contact and Relationship
Clinical Issues
Mary Ann Kilmartin - Verbal Work in Radix Education
Pam Morgan - Radix Work and Codependency
Wendy Yellen - Radix Techniques in Verbal Work with Incest Survivors
Babette Rothschild - Shock Primer for the Radix Teacher
Language and Passion of the Practitioner
Andrea Pitzal - Love and Relationships
Rudolf Muller-Schwefe et al - Radix Glossary


The Journal of the Radix Institute
Volume 12, Feb 2000, 93pp

The Journal of the Radix Institute is published yearly and features articles by members of the Radix community.

The current publication contains:
Narelle McKenzie - Radix Body Psychotherapy with a Schizophrenic/Borderline: A Case in Progress
Will Davis - The Biological Foundations of the Schizoid Process: A Functional Approach to Character Development, Part I
Will Davis - The Biological Foundations of the Schizoid Process: Part II
Jim Ross - Like a Silken Scarf Through Rings of Gold


Living Fully
1998, 43pp

With clarity and simplicity, Narelle McKenzie and Jacqui Showell outline the Radix approach, making it accessible to potential clients and illuminating to professional therapists. The best introduction to Radix work.


For more information about Radix and/or
to order these publications, please contact :
Radix Institute, Inc.
3212 Monte Vista, N.E.
Albuquerque,. N.M. 87106-2120
1-888-77-RADIX (777-2349)



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