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Organismic Psychotherapy

  1. The Healing Touch: An Introduction to Organismic Psychotherapy (1989)

The Healing Touch: An Introduction to Organismic Psychotherapy
by Malcolm Brown

Paperback: 2317 pages (December 1989)
Publisher: LifeRhythm; ISBN: 0940795019 Price - Quick Click Buying

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A moving and meticulous account of Malcolm Brown's journey from Rogerian-style verbal psychotherapist to gifted body psychotherapist. Dr. Brown developed his own methods of dissolving chronic muscular tensions through years of working as a pioneer with the theories of Wilhelm Reich, Bioenergetics, Jung, Maslow, and others. Using powerful case histories as examples, The Healing Touch will give you a greater theoretical clarity and pragmatic appreciation of the use of yin/yang bodywork methods in a humanistic clinical framework.

Brown's theories of body psychotherapy postulate the fundamental importance of the ontological Being Centers of Agape-Eros, Hara, Logos and the Spiritual Warrior as being the final goals of the de-armoring process. As such, he contests Reich's theories about the formation of character-muscular armoring.

His primary purpose in writing The Healing Touch is to help students and practicing psychotherapists gain a greater theoretical clarity and pragmatic appreciation of the uses of yin/yang bodywork methods with an essentially humanistic clinical framework. Because he includes spiritual and subtle imaginative psychic dimensions of the embodied soul in his work, his unique approach sets a new guideline in the field of therapy.

About the Author
Malcolm Brown, Ph.D. began his work in London in 1964, organizing and leading training programs as a colleague of Alexander Lowen. In 1969 he founded the Berkeley Institute of Body Psychotherapy in California, then moved to Italy where he directed the European Institute of Organismic Psychotherapy and co-founded the European Association for Body Psychotherapy which has become influential worldwide. He now resides in the USA, teaching worldwide.

Brown was influenced by Reich, Jung, Maslow, Neumann, Goldstein, Rogers and D. H. Lawrence, as he developed his own methods of dissolving chronic muscular tensions and reactivating the natural mental-spiritual polarities of the embodied soul and transcendental psyche.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1--Humanistic Body Psychotherapy: A Science and an Art
Chapter 2--An Ontological Theory of Character-Muscular Armoring
Chapter 3--Some of the Energy Changes of the De-Armoring Process
Chapter 4--Pitfalls of Direct Touch
Chapter 5--The Beginning of Christa's Intensive
Chapter 6--Evolution of the Therapeutic Relationship
Chapter 7--The Emergence of the Front Half
Chapter 8--Christa's Collapse
Chapter 9--Creative Regression and the Emergence of the Blood Flow
Chapter 10--Christa' Decisive Nineteenth Session
Chapter 11--The Third and Fourth Stages of Creative Disorganization
Chapter 12--The Five Unifying Polarities of the Core Self

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