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Books about the
Trager Approach and Mentastics

  1. Movement As a Way to Agelessness - A Guide to Trager Mentastics (3rd edition - 2004)
  2. Moving Medicine The Life and Work of Milton Trager, M.D. (1996)

Movement As a Way to Agelessness - A Guide to Trager Mentastics
by Milton Trager, Cathy Hammond

Paperback: 176 pages; 3rd edition (January 2004)
Publisher: Barrytown Ltd; ISBN: 1581770286

Book Cover from the 1995 Paperback Edition;
Barrytown/Station Hill Press; ISBN: 0882681672

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Reviews (from the 1995 Paperback Edition; Barrytown/Station Hill Press; ISBN: 0882681672)
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,
Master of Transcendental Meditation.
It is natural to go to the state of greater happiness. Whenever you are in Hook-Up, you are in the superconscious.

Massage Magazine
I highly recommend this book to anyone, practitioner or not, for the sheer joy of playing with and feeling the spirit of Milton Trager.

Chung Liang Al Huang, Tai Ji master, author of Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain, and Quantum Soup.
Trager Mentastics is all "Zen and Tao" of yet another universal NOW language for the Mind/Body integration. It is easy to learn, delightful to practice and very effective.

Emmett E. Miller, M.D., Specialist in Psychophysiological Medicine and Stress Management.
I have studied Dr. Milton Trager's of bodywork and prescribe them frequently to my patients (medical and psychotherapeutic) and corporate clients. They are of great value in treating a large variety of ills, and have added benefits of creating a high level of wellness and a sense of well being.

About the Author (from the 1995 Paperback Edition; Barrytown/Station Hill Press; ISBN: 0882681672)
MILTON TRAGER, M.D. is the originator of Psychophysical integration, also called the Trager Approach, and Mentastics, wich together constitute a unique form of "movement reeducation" that is practiced internationally. He received his medical degree in 1955 as the first American student to graduate from the University of Autonoma in Guadalajara, Mexico. He maintained a private practice in General Medicine in Waikiki, Hawaii for nineteen years. In 1977 he closed his practice in order to devote the rest of his life to teaching students and teachers in the Trager Approach and Mentastics. For over fifty years Dr. Trager has been developing his approach, working through the body to create greater well-being in others and to enhance the response and intimate relationship between body and mind. He is aided by the work of the Trager Institute in Mill Valley, California.
He died in 1997 at the age of 88.

CATHY HAMMOND, Ph.D., holds degrees in Health and Physical Education, Special Education. Couseling and Clinical Psychology. She has been studying with Dr. Trager since 1979, and is one of a small number of certified instructors who teach the Trager Approach and Mentastics internationally. She also maintains a private practice in San Diego, California in individual and group psychotherapy and biofeedback specializing in stress and pain disorders.


Moving Medicine The Life and Work of Milton Trager, M.D.
by Jack Liskin

Hardcover: 176 pages (October 1996)
Barrytown/Station Hill; ISBN: 0882681966 Price - Quick Click Buying

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Milton Trager first gained local fame as a muscular beach acrobat, boxer, and dancer in Miami, but as this biography reveals, the course of his life changed dramatically when he discovered a gift for healing. This work is the story of Milton Trager and Trager Mentastics. It describes Milton Trager's successes in rehabilitating "hopeless" cases of polio, multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, and more, and his founding of an institute that has brought benefit to thousands.

Reader Review
A reader , 27 March, 1997
great insight into one of alternative medicine's heroes
this biography helped give me an insight into the field of alternative medicine, why people are so eager to go to alternative practitioners, and what non-conventional practitioners have to offer that is valuable. milton trager was one of a kind and defines not only what a healer is but also shows the healing capacities within each of us. well written and timely, as dr. trager just died this year at the age of 88.


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