The Celtic Year

"The Celtic Year" is the result of three months research into the ancient world of our ancestors.

The idea of being able to live totally dependant on nature today seems impossible, but the seasons which we almost ignore were as important to our ancestors as electricity is to our modern world.


Our ancestors were wise to the magic of the natural world & honoured

their relationship with the land...

Nature was a living entity & the Gods, Goddesses & Spirits

it's manifestations...

Trees were sacred and represented a link between the mortal world

and the Otherworld...

Autumn leaf-fall & the sprouting of buds in the spring were part of the Celtic

philosophy of regeneration...

The ancient Celtic calendar celebrates natures seasonal festivities through

it's cycle of Birth, Life, Death and Re Birth...



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You can buy "The Celtic Year" complete with it's own key from our Order Form.

"The Celtic Year" is 55cm x 40cm amd is printed on natural parchment paper.

The Key is A4 size and is also printed on natural parchment paper.

The key gives an indepth description of "The Celtic Year".

( Because of the size of the chart you may not be able to make out the centre of the design,

but I can assure you that the hard copy of the chart is totally clear and readable).



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