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People often ask how we have come to know the intricate tales of the Celts ?

Well for us it is simple, we were brought up in a part of Wales, where characters like

Rhiannon and Branwen are still brought to life in the winter evenings even now.

Also, in Ireland where we presently live, the teachings of the Old World are very much to the fore

and every time we venture outside our front door, we stumble into a piece of history somewhere.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to live in a country surrounded by their Celtic

past, so we have put together a short list of some of our favourite books to help you discover our

rich legacy for yourselves.

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The Reading List is in three parts...


 Celtic Art  


 Celtic & Arthurian  


 Our Favorite Books  

Part A Celtic Art

Celtic Connections- The Ancient Celts,their traditions and living legacy- David James & Simant Bostock

The Celtic image - David James & Courtney Davis

Celtic Crafts, the living tradition - David James

Celtic Designs, an art and craft source book - David James

New Visions In Celtic Art - Edited by David James & Stuart Booth

The Handbook of Celtic Ornament - John G Merne

Celtic Knotwork - Iain Bain

Celtic Key Patterns - Iain Bain

The Art Of Celtia - Courtney Davis

The Celtic Art Source Book - Courtney Davis

Celtic Borders & Decoration - Courtney Davis

Celtic Art - The Method of Construction - George Bain



Part B Celtic & Arthurian

Gods Of The Celts - Miranda Green

The Mabinogion - Lady Charlotte Guest

The Tain -Louis Le Brocquay & Thoma Kinsella

The Song of Taliesin - John Matthews

Le Morte De Arthur - Sir Thomas Mallory

Encyclopedia of Arthurian Legends - Ronan Conghlan

King Arthur - The True Story - Graham Phillips & Martin Keatman

The Celtic Tradition - Caitlin Matthews

Celtic Gods, Celtic Goddesses - R.J. Stewart

Women In Celtic Myth - Moyra Caldecott

Encyclopedia of Celtic Wisdom - Caitlin & John Matthews

The Celtic Druids Year - John King

Dictionary of Celtic Mythology - Peter Berresford Ellis

Celtic Myths, Celtic Legends - R.J. Stewart

Celtic - T.W. Rolleston

Guinevere - Norma Lowe Goodrich

Merlin - Norma Lowe Goodrich

King Arthur - Norma Lowe Goodrich



Part C Our favorite books

(Many of these books have nothing to do with the Celts but are a great read)

The Mists of Avalon - Marrion Zimmer Bradley

Irish Fairy & Folk Tales - W.B. Yeats

The Crystal Cave - Mary Stewart

The Last Enchantment - Mary Stewart

The Hollow Hills - Mary Stewart

The Kingmaking - Hellen Hollick

Pendragons Banner - Hellen Hollick

Shadow of the King - Hellen Hollick

Daughter of Tintagel - Fay Sampson

Maps of the Ancient Sea Gods - Charles H. Hapgood

The Secret Doctrine - H.P. Blavatsky

Elements of The Goddess - Caitlin Matthews

Elements of Natural Magic - Marian Green

The Mind Of The Druid - Dr. E Graham Howe








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